Dealer Booth Options

As a dealer, you will have a unique ‘home page’ which contains your business name, logo, contact info and if you wish, a brief ‘bio’. This page will also show all of the items you have for sale. Your contact info will also appear here, making it simple for a buyer to get in touch and make arrangements for purchase.


AntiqueShowsCanada Online is a virtual venue for the sale of antiques, collectibles, advertising, vintage, paper, rare books and ephemera and more.  Participating dealers will display their items for sale in a simple, straight-forward format.  Buyers will peruse the offerings, contacting dealers directly to arrange purchases.


The show will begin at a stated time on a given day.  It will run non-stop for the duration, one, two or three days (actual duration of each event to be determined).  Prior to opening, no product will be visible to buyers, and at show closing, all product listings will disappear.  Prospective buyers will contact you directly, by email, message or phone, to arrange a purchase.


Decide on the size of booth you want, then select the appropriate booth from the list above.


We will provide a simple form in which you enter the appropriate information for each item.  You will use a new form for each item.  We use the information you provide to post your listings.  Cutoff for submitting listings will be 5 days prior to show opening.


Our promotional campaign will drive potential buyers to visit the online virtual show.  Our promotional campaign will involve announcements to our large email list of of proven buyers who visit our shows.  We’ll also be active on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.  Trade magazines will carry ads for the event.  There will always be something unique about the live antique show experience.  But this new way of interacting in the antique marketplace is here for now, and maybe to stay.  And for everybody there are some unique pluses to online events – no weather, no traffic, no lineups, no need to dress up, etc.  We’ll remind people of these in our campaigns.