Antiques and Vintage Cookstown

Cookstown hosted the first and newest Outdoor antique show on May 27, 2023. This is what it looked like.

Dealers and show visitors told us what they thought of the show:

Gwen and Mike Chvalevich, Shadyside Investments, Stouffville:
Michael and I would like to thank you very much for asking us to the show, and for all of the hard work you both did to making the show a success. We had a very successful show. We were busy all day, and sold 4 quite expensive lamps in the last 1/2 hour of the show. Just goes to show you the benefits of not putting your stuff away early! Can we have the same booth in the fall?

Richard Chuback, Toronto:
The talk on the street is that your show was a success…….congrats on a job well done!!!
Through word of mouth, I suspect that the September show is going to even bigger and better.

Jamie MacDougall, Kitchener:
I was set up this past Saturday at the first ever Cookstown Show and I thought it was an excellent show. It’s at a great venue, easy to find off Hwy 400, the grounds are nice, with room for growth of dealers and parking!

The crowd was way beyond my expectations! It was a Christie crowd for sure, lots of people looking around, couples and families everywhere. Everyone was positive and happy to be there.

Lorn Byers, North Bay Wanted to say we loved the show!!!  We all bought items and really enjoyed the day.  We can’t wait till next year.  If I was in your area I would volunteer to help.  Great work!!   I hope for everyone that it was worth all the effort, and I hope the vendors feel that it was great sales for them all.  I hope that it gets bigger and bigger each year.  we look forward to next year.  When we know the date we will add to our calendar. Cheers and thanks again. Lorn D. Byers,

Brian MacLure, DEBRI Antiques, Wasaga Beach:
Well that was a success! I would like to thank you for your organization of the event, which ran like a well oiled machine . The venue was very attractive and well laid out and the people who came through my booth all had positive comments about the show plus most were buyers vs tire kickers. I will do the next show in September so put me on your list . Thanks, Brian MacLure

Steven Blevins, Sonja Morawetz, Blemora Heritage, Bracebridge:
Well what a day that was. We thought everything went off very well at yesterday’s Cookstown Antique Show. It was a beautiful day, and so wonderful to see so many familiar faces after the 3 year drought of few to no in person shows.

Adrian Tinline, Hampton:
Cookstown show report – so easy to get to from the 400, the field was easy access, lots of room, big aisles, lots of parking and plenty of space to add more booths for September. The crowd was bunched up like a big herd of cattle before opening like at Christie, pretty steady all day till about 2:30.

The general public were enthusiastic and glad to be part of this new venture. Sarah Richardson was there and filled up a large cube truck. Dealers I talked to sold a lot of gear. A real mish mash of stuff and if I hadn’t been packed to the gills I would have bought a lot. Shook hands with a lot of group members who made the trip and weren’t disappointed. Looking forward to September and you all should be too. Thanks for coming out today.

Bern Fritshaw, Jordan Thanks for all your hard work to get the New cookstown show up and running. Happy that we were part of the inaugural show. We had a great show , Great Sales  and lots of positive comments on the overall setting, quality of dealers & stock  and location. Had that feeling of a mini Christie that everyone misses. The crowd looked busy. Looking forward to being back in the Fall show.

Check out this 30 second video to get a good overview of the Cookstown show: