William Van Nest

Fossicker. Someone who rummages about or ferrets out, e.g., searches for gold at abandoned mine sites (informal Australian, New Zealand). Not an approved Scrabble word.

Fossickers is owned by William Van Nest of Peterborough, ON, who has been known for the past thirty years to attend the occasional auction where he looks for interesting things to bring home, not just gold.

Contact Dealer

(705) 749-0461

1285 Albertus Avenue
Peterborough, ON K9J 6A4

(1) Concorde Flask, in Original Box.

Item Price: $100

Item Description: In polished stainless steel and gray calf. A souvenir commemorating your most recent supersonic intercontinental flight aboard Concorde. You supply the contents. Flask, funnel, and box. Quite finely made, about 1980. Measures about 12 cm H. (FO11.15)
Condition: Fine

(2) Set of Six Demi-tasse Cups and Saucers.

Item Price: $60

Item Description: “Limoges” high style decorations with gilt, Alexander Clark Co., Limoge, France. Perfect for a kaffee-klatsch celebrating a hard-earned re-opening. Dainty and stylish. Condition: Fine CS3.10

(3) Antique Syrup Jug.

Item Price: $60

Item Description: Pressed glass with flip top. About 15 cm H. Our locally produced maple syrup seems to taste best coming from a jug with just enough decoration. Holds about a cup of Wagner’s syrup (not supplied). Condition: Near Fine GW3.20

(4) Golfing Friends

Item Price: $100

Item Description: Pair of brightly coloured ceramic jars, in period golfing costumes.
Small storage jars, perhaps for tobacco, model numbers only but probably German (1920- 30). Measure 15 cm H. PC35.40 Condition: Fine

(5) A Brilliant Brazilian Jungle Bird, “Couroucou Orangel”.

Item Price: $100

Item Description: Ornithological lithograph, No. 9, from The Pageantry of Brazilian Birds, J. Th. Descourtilz, Del. In fine mahogany frame with maple inlay. Measures 25 cm x 35 cm H (sight), 40 cm x 49 cm H (frame). Condition: Fine PP96.40

(6) Scissor-Tail Fly-Catcher, “Muscivora forficata”.

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Watercolour, from nature, signed “P. D. Pirie”, 1983. The most glamorous of fly-catchers. Measures 14 cm x 21 cm H (sight), 21 cm x 33 cm H (frame); antique frame. Condition: Fine PP21.40

(7) Entire Leaved Peony.

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Hand-coloured botanical lithograph, circa 1860, possibly from Curtis’ Botanical Magazine. Fine colours. Matted, framed in oak. Measures 13 cm x 20 cm H (sight), 28cm x 36 cm H (frame). Condition : Fine PP3.20

(8) A Flight of Cranes

Item Price: $150

Item Description: Exquisite silk embroidery, a flock of cranes, with chrysanthemum and pine tree, vivd colours. In vintage frame. Measures 30 cm x 44 cm H (sight), 33 cm x 46 cm H (frame). Condition: Fine PP30.20

(9) Limited Edition Print (Rene Levesque?).

Item Price: $60

Item Description: No. 3 of an edition of five copies, signed and dated (1972). Serviceable frame. Measures 18 cm x 26 cm H (sight), 32 cm x 42 cm H (frame). Missing cigarette. Condition: Very Good PP35.30

(10) Turned Wood Vase

Item Price: $160

Item Description: Expertly executed in chestnut with mahogany inlay at rim and foot, subtle wood tones and graining, nicely finished. Measures 23 cm diameter. Signed “John Kerr” and dated 1994 Condition: Fine DE10.44

(11) Antique Tramp Art Storage Box

Item Price: $400

Item Description: Chip-carved, from cigar boxes and other found materials. Many embellishments, see images, deeply coloured varnish. A pleasing design by an amateur eye. Measures 36 cm x 24 cm x 18 cm Condition: Near Fine CP5.250

(12) Antique Butter Bowl

Item Price: $300

Item Description: Pine, hand-carved and gouged, Ontario circa 1830.
Unusual shape, not turned on a lathe, finely worked, nice buttery patina. Measures 46 cm x 32 cm. Condition: Fine CP21.80

(13) Antique Butter Mold and Print

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Hand-carved butter mold, sunflower pattern, carved dentil border; turned cup, buttery patina. Measures 10 cm H Condition: Very Good CP1.10

(14) Bee Smoker and Queen Excluder

Item Price: $60

Item Description: Original condition, working bellows and flip top. Well made queen excluder with sliding hatch. Vintage country devices designed to calm your honeybees and manage their hives. Measure 24 cm H (Smoker), 16 cm H (Excluder)
Condition: Very Good CP7 & 8.10

(15) Antique Spear Tips

Item Price: $80

Item Description: From Ethiopia, nicely worked and decorated iron, treated against rust by a conservator; elegantly formed and finely designed; their original purpose not withstanding, a higher purpose would be realized when they are displayed mounted and in a suitable shadow box. Measure: 51 cm Condition: Fine FO16.22