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Trillium Antiquarian Books has been selling scarce, out-of-print books on the Internet since 1998 and, earlier, by traditional mail order. We are a long-standing member of the Independent On-line Booksellers’ Association (IOBA) and subscribe to the Association’s code of Ethics.

Fossickers is a new venture arising from our discovery from time to time of Interesting Things in the course of hunting books. The word ‘fossickers’, referring to searchers of abandoned mine sites, shows up in Australian and New Zealand informal speech. It is still not an approved Scrabble word.

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1. Well-bred Boston Terrier Tea Pot

Item Price: $350

Item Description: Finely modelled, painted, and glazed. An eager terrier waiting for action. You may not want to be the first to actually make tea here.
Condition Perfect
20 cm H

(2) Turkey -size Wedgwood Platter

Item Price: $250

Item Description: In pale blue decorated with butterflies, fanciful birds, and roses.
Third quarter of the 19th century, with Wedgwood mark and stamp.
Condition. A tiny touch of rust on one edge; o/w Fine.
40 cm x 33 cm

(3) Turk’s Head Lily from Matthioli’s plant book

Item Price: 

Item Description: Hand-coloured woodcuts from late sixteenth century plant book, double matter and glazed, Plates 69 and 70 showing varieties of Humerocallis (Asian lilies). Bespoke matting and framing by Russborough to a high standard.
Condition. Fine
Sight 25 cm x 38 cm, frame 46 cm x 60 cm

(4) Mola textile art from Central America

Item Price: $250

Item Description: The mola is traditional dress of certain indigenous people of Panama and Colombia using a reverse appliqué technique in which various layers of cloth are cut away to reveal the sewer’s design, in this case the traditional Jaguar motif found through out the region. The best molas, and this is one, exhibit exceptionally fine stitchwork and vibrant colours. In a bespoke mat and frame suggestive of the traditional whitewashed buildings of Central America.
Sight 39 cm x 29 cm, frame 43 cm x 35 cm
Condition. Fine

(5) Small sculpted fruit bowl

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Fruit bowl in elegant form sculpted from serpentine stone by traditional Zimbabwean stone artist with fine mottled effects under the polished surface. Not signed.
26 cm x 15 cm
Condition. A nick or two along one edge

(6) Two Fashion Plates from mid-nineteenth century

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Plates from Godeys Lady’s Book presenting several delightful ensembles for Spring, April and May, 1863. Matted and frames by the Roy Studio. Enough yardage to stock several Fabrilands.
Sight 28 cm x 23 cm, frame 41 cm x 37 cm
Condition. Would benefit from new matting.

7. Album of fine photo and tin type images

Item Price: $100

Item Description: A family album of the Chapmans dating from the end of the nineteenth century with ten tin types and twenty-four photo portraits of family members assembled by Elizabeth Chapman and dated at Christmas 1895, housed in large, puffy album of the day.
Album 20 cm x 38 cm, tin types and photos approx. 9.5 cm x 14 cm
Condition. Album worn but intact; tin types and photos generally clear and bright.

(8) Cobalt Blue Flower Decorated Salt glazed Pot

Item Price:

Item Description: Large two gallon blue flower decorated pot, marked and stamped from ‘W. E. Welding/ Brantford Ont.’
39 cm H
Condition. A few flakes of glazing; otherwise Very Good.

(9) Large Butter Print

Item Price: $90

Item Description: Butter print with finely carved sunflower design and the patina one would expect from fequent exposure to butter.
15 cm H x 12 cm W
Condition. Small age crack

(10) Vase turned red oak burl, Signed

Item Price: $500

Item Description: Turned red oak vase by Jack Close, signed ‘Jack Close/ red oak burl’, an especially fine adaptation of the original rough oak piece.
18 cm H
Condition. Fine

(11) Turned wooden mixing or butter bowl

Item Price:

Item Description: Wooden bowl in original paint and decoration.
27 cm W
Condition. Very Good

(12) Swirled glass syrup jug

Item Price: $90

Item Description: Large syrup jug, swirled glass, flip top. Perfect for dispensing Mr. Wagner’s maple syrup.
19 cm H
Condition. A tide line

(13) Chip-carved Tea Caddy

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Caddy with elaborate chip-carved designs, hinged top, foil lining.
If it actually started out as a tea caddy, it was at some point converted to a tobacco caddy, if my nose is not mistaken.
13 cm H x 12 cm W
Condition. Foil worn; o/w Fine

(14) Stanley Insulated Bottle

Item Price: $60

Item Description: An early version of William Stanley’s insulated bottle (or flask) invented in 1913, the predecessor of the Thermos bottle. A steel bottle with screw top and chain, double-walled to keep hot beverages hot. Screw top fused so no one will be tempted to try it out. Stamped and dated.
23 cm H
Condition. Very Good

(15) Fine Chromolithograph, Blue-Footed Booby

Item Price: $250

Item Description: Fine lithograph from Studer’s Popular Ornithology (1874 et seq.) by Theodore Jasper. The Boobie is a gannet-like seabird found on the Galapagos and other islands off the coast of South America. Jasper’s renderings in the Studer book are especially fine and delicately coloured. Skilfully matted in a decorative gilt frame of the period.
Sight 23 cm x 31 cm, frame 40 cm x 44 cm
Condition. Fine

NEW Item #1:   Carved and Sculpted Goose

Item Price: $300

Item Description: Carved and sculpted goose (not a decoy). Neck and head created from a suitable tree root; body carved from hardwood, probably elm. Possibly from Alderville, F. N. Elegant form, measures 50 cm W x 28 cm H. Condition Fine

NEW Item #2: Early Butter Bowl

Item Price: $300

Item Description: Early hand-carved butter bowl from Wellington County, about 1830. Unusual ovoid form (often round), original work carved from pine by an expert with chisel and gouge. Elegant surface. Measures 46 cm W x 30 cm. D Condition Fine

NEW Item #3:   Drawings by Barbara Howard

Item Price: $300

Item Description: Early hand-carved butter bowl from Wellington County, about 1830. Unusual ovoid form (often round), original work carved from pine by an expert with chisel and gouge. Elegant surface. Measures 46 cm W x 30 cm. D Condition Fine