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Arca specializes in literature pertaining to Ancient History, Archaeology, Jewellery, and Numismatics. We dabble in military history too. Outside of literature, we offer an interesting and varied selection of paper/ephemera including advertisements, documents, photos, and much, much more.

You can find us online at or if you are in the Toronto area, we have a booth at the Sunday Antique Market every week. Come on down to 125 Esplanade from 7 AM to 4 PM. Just look for the big white tent.

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1. Middleton, S.H., Seals, Finger Rings, Engraved Gems and Amulets in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter from the Collections of Lt. Colonel L.A.D. Montague and Dr. N.L. Corkill

Item Price: $65

Item Description: Exeter: Exeter Museum, 1998. 147 pp., 1 colour pl., 103 ill. Cover has wear along edges and on corners, also has a small crease on top of spine.

This interesting and diverse collection of approximately 100 amulets, cylinder seals, gems, and stamp seals ranges from 3,000 BC to nineteenth century AD.

2. Cadogan, G., Hatzaki, E. and Vasilakis, A. (Edit.), Knossos: Palace, City, State (British School at Athens Studies 12)

Item Price: $185

Item Description: London: The British School at Athens, 2004. Hardcover. 630 pp., ill. Has a sealed CD-ROM attached to inside of back cover. Cover has some wear on corners, a small crease at base of spine, and a small tear at top of spine.

Proceedings of the Conference in Herakleion organized by the British School at Athens and the 23ed Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Herakleion, in November 2000, for the Centenary of Sir Arthur Evan’s Excavations at Knossos.

3. Packer, J.E., The Forum of Trajan in Rome. A Study of the Monuments in Brief

Item Price:

Item Description: xviii, 235 pp., 171 fig, 1 plan laid in loose. Softcover. Cover has some wear along edges and on covers, also has some discolouration on both panels. This the abridged edition of the original three volume set.

This book provides an excellent summary of the archaeological investigations and major restoration projects conducted on this important site.

4. Prokopov, I. and Paunov, E., Cast Forgeries of Classical Coins from Bulgaria. Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria

Item Price: $45

Item Description: Sofia: SP-P Publishing, 2004. Softcover. 88 pp., 139 ill. Cover has wear along edges and on corners, has a small crease in upper outer corner of front panel, and also has some fraying at top and base of spine. The first forty pages have a small crease in upper outer corner.

One hundred and thirteen examples of fake Greek and Roman coins are depicted and discussed by the authors. This is volume three in an ongoing series. An excellent resource for those interested in forgeries of ancient coins, a number of examples of these types have found their way into the marketplace.

5. Grierson, P. Coins of Medieval Europe

Item Price: $150

Item Description: London: Seaby, 1991. Hardcover. ix, 248 pp., 8 pages of colour plates, 478 black & white ill. Dust jacket has wear along edges and on corners, has several creases at top of spine, has a crease along bottom edge of rear panel, and also has several small creases in upper outer corners. Cover has several small creases in upper outer corner of rear panel and has an crease across top and bottom of spine.

This book is a survey detailing the evolution of coinage in medieval times throughout Europe. Professor Grierson is a well-known expert on this subject.

6. Holmes, T.R., The Roman Republic and The Founder of the Empire (3 Volumes)

Item Price: $350

Item Description: London: Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1923. Hardcover. No jacket. Volume I (xvi, 486 pp., 5 ill. – Cover is worn along edges and on corners, also has a small crease in each outer corner and across base of spine, also has Aug – 58 BC and 133-58 BC written in under under volume number. (small printing) Pages have discolouration on outside edges.); Volume II (xvi, 337 pp., 7 ill. – Cover is worn along edges and on corners, has 58-50 B.C. written in ink on spine under volume number. (small printing) Pages have discolouration on outside edges.); Volume III (xix, 620 pp., 11 ill. – Cover is worn along edges and on corners, has a crease across base of spine, and has 50-44 BC written in ink under volume number (small ink). Pages have discolouration on outside edges.)

7. Dark, K., Byzantine Pottery

Item Price: $40

Item Description: Stroud: Tempus Publishing, 2001. Softcover. 160 pp., 58 ill. Cover has wear along edges and on corners, has some fraying on outer corners, and also has a small edge knock on outside edge of rear panel. Pages have a small crease in upper outer corner throughout.

This book purports to be the first publication to discuss Byzantine Pottery as a whole, providing a synthesis of the material as an archaeological source for this subject.

8. Milberry, L., Fighter Squadron. 441 Squadron from Hurricanes to Hornets

Item Price: $85

Item Description: Toronto: Canav Books, 2003. Hardcover. 320 pp., 700+ illustrations. Dust jacket has wear along edges and on corners, has a small tear on top edge of rear panel, and a crease across top of spine. The first fifty pages have several impressions in top margin (from paper clips). The partial title page has a written inscription from the author to a prior owner.

This book documents the history of one of Canada’s finest air squadrons. Started off flying Hurricane’s in defense of Canada’s coast during WW2, moved to Britain and flew Spitfires on convoy duty protecting ships and bombers, and then was re-equipped with Mustangs for the duration of the war. Also covers the period after the war where it flew planes from Vampires, to Sabres, from Starfighters to Hornets. All around, very informative and an excellent read.

9. Angolia, J.R., On the Field of Honour. A History of the Knight’s Cross Bearers. Volume Two

Item Price: $95

Item Description: San Jose: R. James Bender Publishing, 1980.0 Hardcover. 367 pp., ill. Cover has wear along edges and on corners with some minor fraying.

Volume Two of a biographical dictionary of the winners for the Knight’s Cross.

10. Fairley, B., Art – Canadians, for the Use of. (Canadian Affairs)

Item Price: $50

Item Description: 19 pages, 10 small drawings. Paper Covers. Cover has some wear at top and base of spine and outer corners. Also has a thin crease across middle of front panel. The last three pages have a small tear in outside edge (opposite spine). An unusual publication by a known Canadian artist (Barker Fairley). This edition of Canadian Affairs, Volume 1, No. 22 (Dec. 1, 1944) was printed for the Canadian Armed Forces by the Wartime Information Board.

11. Pullman Fact Booklets, Complete set of Twelve Volumes

Item Price:

Item Description: A complete set of the Pullman Facts booklets. Published 1929-1930. Illustrated by famed artist Louis A. Paeth. All twelve booklets were withdrawn from the Toronto Reference Library and bear their stamps on the rear panel (see illustration). Only six booklets are illustrated, we do have illustrations of all twelve if required.

All booklets have a small crease throughout in upper outer corner, and discolouration on rear panel. Front panel of each booklet has “RR USA Pullman Facts” handwritten in top margin of front panel. Rear panel of each booklet has library stamps of Toronto Reference Library. Rear panel of booklet 1 has several creases and small tears on bottom edge. Rear panel of booklet 7 has a handful of creases down length of panel. Booklet ten has several creases throughout in upper outer corner.

12. Brooks Steam Motors Stock Certificates

Item Price: $60

Item Description: 4 stock certificates for the Brooks Steam Motors Company. 2 certificates from 1926 for Edna Thomas, 2 certificates from 1927 for Harold Thomas. All certificates have an impression in upper left corner from a paper clip, and have been two creases from being folded over.

Brooks Steam Motors, Ltd. was a Canadian manufacturer of steam cars established in March 1923. Company was created by Oland Brooks who moved to Toronto from Buffalo. A prototype was displayed at the CNE in 1923. An American holding company was created in 1926.

13. Pan-American Exposition – Buffalo 1901 – 12 items

Item Price: $250

Item Description: The Pan-American Exposition was a World’s Fair held in Buffalo, New York, United States, from May 1 through November 2, 1901. The fair occupied 350 acres (0.55 sq mi) of land on the western edge of what is now Delaware Park, extending from Delaware Avenue to Elmwood Avenue and northward to Great Arrow Avenue. It is remembered today primarily for being the location of the assassination of United States President William McKinley at the Temple of Music on September 6, 1901. (Wikipedia)

Items consist of:
Ticket Nbr. 121 – issued to Mr. Alex Davies
Large colour card depicting Exposition Scene
1 Photo – Illuminated at night (small tear upper corner)
5 photos – scenes from the exposition (1 has one hole in two corners and 2 clipped corners)
1 Souvenir pamphlet – Nelson Morris & Ci, Fairbank Canning Co. Beef & Hog Products
1 piece of stationary with Pan American logo/illustration – has several small tears
1 metal panorama with three scenes – has a number of scratches
1 colour framed souvenir of Electric tower – frame is damaged with beading loose on one side

All items were deaccessioned from Toronto Reference Library. Stamps on reverse.

14. Davin, N.F., The Fair Grit, or The Advantages of Coalition, A Farce

Item Price:

Item Description: Toronto: Belford Brothers, Publishers, 1876. Card covers. 35 pp. Cover has water damage on front and back panels, also has a small tear at top of spine, and a larger tear (3/4 inch) at base of spine. Pages are clean. Front and rear end papers are covered in pencil scribbles and shading. Pages have a small crease in upper outer corner, the first twenty-six pages have a faint crease in lower outer corner.

Nicholas Flood Davin (January 13, 1840 – October 18, 1901) was a lawyer, journalist and politician, born at Kilfinane, Ireland.[1] The first MP for Assiniboia West (1887–1900), Davin was known as the voice of the North-West. Davin founded and edited the Regina Leader, the first newspaper in Assiniboia. He tried to gain provincial status for the territory.

Davin is considered one of the architects of the Canadian Indian residential school system. In 1879 he wrote the Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds, otherwise known as The Davin Report, in which he advised the federal government to institute residential schools for Indigenous children. Davin used, among others, the literary device of inter-textuality to draw upon British canonical writers including Tennyson, Byron, and Shakespeare to connect the associations of empire with his 19th-century audience. In 1876, Davin wrote an adaptation of Shakespeare The Fair Grit; or The Advantages of Coalition. A Farce, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The play is a farce on governmental coalitions and the corrupted role of media in Canadian politics – a power fully realized by Davin as a writer and founder of the Regina Leader newspaper located in Canada’s North-West. Source – Wikipedia

15. Photo Album – Royal Air Force Base Depot, Aboukir, Egypt

Item Price: $500

Item Description: A photo album created by A.R. Fleming who was based at the base depot for Royal Air Force at Aboukir, Egypt. Royal Air Force Aboukir or more simply RAF Aboukir is a former Royal Air Force base located 6.6 miles (10.6 km) northwest of Kafr El-Dawar and 7.2 miles (11.6 km) east of Alexandria, Egypt. Between 1916 and 1947 a number of units and squadrons were based there, including the central depot for RAF Middle East until 12 November 1939. – Wikipedia

Sadly, no photos of air planes. Nice shot of the Sphinx/Great Pyramid. Plenty of excellent scenery shots – all in black & white. Album contains 92 photographs plus two blank spots. Album cover is frayed along edges and on corners, also has a number of surface stains. The only AR Fleming I could find in the RAF was Sargent Alfred Reginald Fleming who perished in 1943 during a mission over Germany.

New Item #1: Church Matters – 4 19th Century Religious Publications bound in one book – Two pertain to Trinity College, Toronto

Item Price: $200.00​

Item Description: A collection of four essays that have been bound together into a tome called Church Matters. This book was de-accessioned from the United Church of Canada Archives.

Four essays are:

Two Letters to the Lord Bishop of Toronto in Reply to Charges Brought by the Lord Bishop of Huron Against the Theological Teachings of Trinity College, Toronto: Rowsell & Ellis Printers, 1860 96 pp.

Strictures on the Two Letters of Provost Whitaker in Answer to Charges Brought by the Lord Bishop of Huron Against the Theological Teachings of Trinity College, London: C.W. Thomas Evans, 1861 96 pp.

Conference on Union. Official Minutes. Proceedings of the Conference of Committees of the Church of England And Presbyterian and Methodist Churches on the Subject of Unity (1889) 46 pp.

Programme and Handbook of the Second Ecumenical Methodist Conference held in Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington D.C. Oct. 7-20, 1891m New York: Hunt & Eaton, 1891 55 pp.

Cover has wear along edges and on corners, has a crease across top of spine, and has some fraying on top and bottom edges. Front free pages loose, rear joint has some cracking near top of joint. Binding is still solid. First two pages of Conference on Union essay are ragged with a handful of tears along edges. One dividing page has been clipped in upper outer corner. Front end page and rear inside of cover have been stamped “United Church Archives”.

New Item #2:   Teissier, B., Ancient Near Eastern Cylinder Seals from the Marcopoli Collection

Item Price: $225.00​

Item Description: xxviii, 407 pp., ill. Dust jacket has some fraying on outer corners and at top of spine, also has a small tear at base of spine. Discusses 720 cylinder seals from the Marcopoli Collection.

New Item #3: Crandall, D.R., A Military History of Montserrat, W.I.. Attacks, Fortifications, Cannons, Defenders, 1632-1815

Item Price: $65.00

Item Description: Moncton: Self-Published, 2000. 398 pp., ill. Spiral Bound. 4to – over 9¾” – 12″ tall. Cover has small creases in all outer corners, has a few minor points of fraying on top edge, and also has some discolouration on front panel. The last ninety pages have a minor crease in upper outer corner. Front free page has a signature from author to a prior owner (see illustration).