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Lambourn Antiques has been in the antique business since 2009, however, we have been collecting antiques and collectables for decades. We started doing shows in 2009 and also sold out of an Antique Mall for 5 years. We love to travel and find interesting treasures from all the places we visit and hope that our customers will be excited about seeing something in our booth that they have been looking for, or wanting, for ages. We hope that you will find something you can’t live without while browsing our “Booth”. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions.

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1. Vintage 1970’s Old Pawn Zuni Multi-Stone Inlay Bear Fetish Watch Bracelet

Item Price: $250

Item Description: We are offering this Beautiful 1970’s Old Pawn Zuni Multi-Stone Inlay Bear Fetish Watch Bracelet. The artist has created a beautiful handcrafted watch bracelet with 6 multi-stone flush inlaid fetish sections each connected to the next with handmade silver hinges. The bear shaped sections include Turquoise, Jet, Malachite, Lapis & Spiny Oyster. The bear fetish watch band has one bear signed “AZ”. Each bear measures 1″ x 1/2″. Total length of this piece is 7-1/4″, including the band and the watch and will fit up to a 7” wrist.
The Zuni Bear represents self knowledge and strength.
The artist has attached a quartz watch that has a bear design watch face. It is battery operated and is keeping perfect time as tested.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stones: Turquoise, Jet, Malachite, Lapis & Spiny Oyster
Size: 7-1/4″ L x 1/2″ W
Weight: 38.5 grams approx.
Necklace Closure: Toggle closure
Stamped: AZ
Condition: Very Nice pre-owned condition. There are minimal scratches and blemishes on the bracelet. One Turquoise stone has a fissure but does not affect the quality.

2. Mid-Century Modern F.A.I.P. Teak Table Lamp

Item Price: $225

Item Description: Great MCM Teak Lamp, measures 25 1/2″ to finial top x 4 3/4″ base. Shade opening measures 19″ across. Probably not the original shade, but looks great on it anyway.

3. Vintage Fishing Lures

Item Price: $150

Item Description: For the avid fisherman/woman here is a Lot of vintage fishing lures, 20 in total. The Lot includes:

Jointed Thunderstick Jerk bait lure – 5 ½”
Beno Jointed Eel – 3”
2 – Fred Abogost Spotted Jitterbugs, Yellow and Green – 2”
Hula Hopper – 2 ¾”
Heedon Crazy Crawler – 2.5”
Rapala Countdown (Finland) – 4.5”
Kwikfish K-7 – 2.5”
2 – Shiner 300s – 3”
Nebio OK-Doke – 2”
Cotton Cordells Ripplin’ Redfin – 4”
Earie Dearie 3/8 oz.
2 – Lucky Strike – 2.5”
2 – Rubber Fish Lures – 3”
Hepps 4 Comet (France)
2 – Hook Spinner Lure
Brooks Reefer Lure
8 various sized Floats

4. French 1914 Marble Top Round Table

Item Price: $225

Item Description: FRENCH HAND MADE, Side Table with Marble Top 16″ Dia, 17.5″ Tall, Approx 1″ Marble thickness
Very good condition with one small dent on edge of rim and small scuffs on wood. Only markings are Made In France and 1914, hand written on bottom.

5. Vintage Deep Sea Fishing Lures

Item Price: $65

Item Description: 2 Heavy Duty Metal fishing lures, marked Danes, Norway 79, 2 hooks, probably used for Cod, Halibut and other large fish. 17.5 oz. in weight, 8” long.

6. Antique/Vintage Wood Torpedo Snowshoes Wood And Leather 14 X 48 Canada Lac Megantic

Item Price: $150

Item Description: Antique/Vintage Wood Torpedo Snowshoes Wood 14 X 48 Canada. Good showshoes for mushing. The rawhide webbing and leather bindings are in excellent condition.

7. VERY RARE Autographed Official Boxing Program – Ali v Chuvalo

Item Price: $800

Item Description: Very Rare Vintage Muhammad Ali v. George Chuvalo Autographed Boxing Program, includes signed Photographs of each Boxer. The four page program is from the match between Muhammed Ali and George Chuvalo for their fight on March 29, 1966 at Maple Leaf Gardens. The bout went for a full distance of 15 Rounds and Muhammed Ali was declared WINNER by unanimous decision, George Chuvalo never went down and Ali called him the “toughest fighter he ever fought”. The program includes ring records of both boxers, size comparisons and the info on the Welterweight Fights prior to the main match. The program measures 8 ½ x 11” and in excellent condition.

8. Gallé – Tip – Reproduction Cameo Glass Table Lamp Base

Item Price: $175

Item Description: A stunning translucent art glass lamp base in the style of Émile Gallé.

The lamp is a pattern of flowers, the lower quarter and upper quarter are solid purple on an amber background with the flowers in iridescent blue.

It is hollow inside with a semi-circular cut out to the edge of the base for a lamp cable to thread through.

The lamp is signed ‘Gallé’ as well as ‘Tip’. The ‘Tip’ tells us that this is a reproduction lamp, but these lamps have become rarer as the years go on and have become highly sought after items in their own right as they are recognized by collectors as by far the finest reproductions of Émile Gallé lamps there have ever been.

Dimensions: The base is 5 inches, a height of 11 inches. Condition: The piece has a couple of clear marks on the base where the frosting has come off and 1 minuscule chip at the very bottom of the base, very insignificant, but overall it is in a lovely condition.

9. First Nations Woven Basket – Walpole Island

Item Price: $150

Item Description: Intricate First Nations Woven Lidded Basket from Walpole Island, Ontario, which is a First Nations Reserve in Southwestern Ontario on the border between Ontario and Michigan. The basket is approximately 6” high and 7 ¼” wide with a removable lid. It is made from Sweetgrass and Black Ash and is signed on the bottom by Helen Menefee from Walpole Island. Very good condition.

10. Mid-Century Vintage Gossip Bench Telephone Table With Seat

Item Price: $85

Item Description: Vintage mid century gossip telephone bench. Original excellent condition. Measures 30″ high, 24″ high at table and 17″ high at seat. It is 26″ long x 16″ depth, table measures 14.5″ x 12″. Great space saver, apartment, condo, retirement residence, etc.

11. World War I Lead Soldiers and 2 Cannons

Item Price: $150

Item Description: A Lot of 3 Vintage WWI Lead Soldiers and 2 Cannons, 1 Lead and 1 Metal. 2 of the Soldiers are Barclay Manoil (American made), 1 Soldier and the Lead Cannon are made in Canada, the other cannon is larger, 8.5” and is made of metal. All are in good condition with one of the lying soldiers having a couple of small “holes” on the bottom of the base but does not detract from the figure. There is some paint worn off but not surprising given the age. Circa 1930s.

12. Ojibway Cradleboard w/Beading

Item Price: $225

Item Description: Beautiful Native (Ojibway) handmade Cradleboard with “Papoose”. Made from wood and Deer hide. Exquisite beading on handle and down both sides, along with fringe. Size – 32” long x 14.4” wide. In excellent condition, believe to have come from Curve Lake, Ontario, First Nations. A very unique and well made item.

13. Vintage Lot of Jello Car Coins – 1960s

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Vintage Lot of Jell-O Car Coins, 126 in total including 36 duplicate coins. 1960s Jell-O Car Coins, plastic wheels that came in boxes of Jell-O with full colour pictures of Cars. The Lot consists of numbers: 1-8, 14, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30, 33, 35, 38-41, 51-53, 55-57, 59, 62-65, 68, 69, 76, 78-84, 86, 88, 91-94, 96, 98, 100, 105, 107, 108, 110-114, 116-118, 124, 126, 128, 133, 135, 137, 139, 143, 145, 149, 150, 154-156, 162, 164, 165, 167, 168, 171, 177, 178, 180, 188, 190, 191, 200.
Condition: Good, with the exception of #83 and #168 which have rim damage.

14. Mid-Century Modern Atomic Funnel Lamp

Item Price: $120

Item Description: Very cool MCM Atomic “Funnel” Lamp with brass Maple Leaves. Circa 1950s, 29″ high, looks great lit up. Good condition, brass could use some shining up if desired.

15. RARE Beatles 12” Vinyl Picture Discs – “Casualties” and “Silver Beatles”

Item Price: “Casualties” – $200.00 – “Silver Beatles” – $135.00

Item Description: Rare Beatles, “Casualties” 12” Vinyl Picture Disc with 1981 Rare “Butcherblock” picture. Capitol, Seax-11950 – PROMO Not for sale to the Public. Several rare versions and mixes of songs. Excellent condition- $200.00

Rare Beatles, “Silver Beatles”, 12” Vinyl Picture Disc, 1979 U.K. Pressing, Circuit Records LK4438, various early Beatles songs. John and Paul on one side, George and Pete Best on the other side. Excellent condition – $135.00

16. “On The Waterfront Toronto II” – Printer’s Proof

Item Price: $400

Item Description: Gerard Paraghamian is a renowned premier North American Corporate Artist. This is a Printer’s Proof 6/10, signed print, framed 37″ X 29″, print size is 31.5″ x 21.5″. Excellent condition

17. Vintage Britain Toy Soldiers

Item Price: $80

Item Description: 4 Vintage Britain Toy Soldiers, 1971 WWII, 2 British 8th Army and 2 German Soldiers. Very detailed, marked Britains Ltd., Copyright Deetail, Made in England. All in very good condition.


Item Price: $225

Item Description: Vintage Vitrine Display Case, wood, glass top and sides, top opens, very ornate. 26 ½” w x 18½” d x 29” h – Inside measurements are 23” x 16” x 6” d – gold colour, a couple of small paint chips on the bottom of 2 legs, minimal and a couple of scratches on the top of the glass. No markings, probably circa 1970s.

19. John Lennon 12” Vinyl Limited Ed. Picture Disc & Beatles “Timeless” 12” Vinyl Limited Ed. Picture Disc

Item Price: John Lennon – $60.00, Beatles “Timeless” – $75.00

Item Description: John Lennon 12” Vinyl Limited Edition Picture Disc, “Listen To This Picture Record” – WNEW-FM Interview, Capital Records Ad Campaign for the September 1974 release of John Lennon’s “Walls and Bridges”. Excellent condition. 60.00
Beatles “Timeless” 12” Vinyl Limited Edition Picture Disc, 1971, Silhouette Music – SM-10004, songs and interviews including Imagine and Let It Be and others. Excellent condition. 75.00

20. Signed “Boom Boom” Geffrion Hockey Puck

Item Price: $125

Item Description: One of Montreal’s greatest players, known for his booming slap shot, #5 Boom Boom” Geffrion signed puck in display case. Authentication sticker on back by Parkhurst, a prominent Canadian Hockey Card company. The reverse side has “Official Licensed Product” with NHL emblem. Trench manufacturing. A great piece of hockey memorabilia for hockey fans and especially “Hab” fans.

21. Vintage Art Deco Frosted Green Glass Chrome Airplane Lamp

Item Price: $200

Item Description: Vintage Working Art Deco Frosted Green Glass Chrome DC-3 Plane Lamp. This is the 1970’s design. Very good condition. Measures approximately 12″ long, 11″ high, 13” wide.

22. Hudson Bay Blanket – Dark Rose 4 Point

Item Price: $175

Item Description: Vintage Hudson Bay Blanket, dark rose, rare color – 4 Point, English only label, Made In England. Approx. 60″ x 76″. Very good to excellent condition.

23. 6 Elvis Presley Picture Sleeve EPs and 45s

Item Price: $25. Ea or $125. for all

Item Description: 6 Elvis Presley Picture Sleeve EPs and 45 rpm singles.
Elvis Presley, A Mess of Blues/It’s Now or Never – 1960 RCA 45 rpm
Elvis Presley, Are You Lonesome Tonight/I Gotta Know – 1960 RCA 45 rpm
Elvis Presley, Treat Me Nice/Jailhouse Rock – 1957 RCA 45 rpm
Elvis Presley, Jailhouse Rock, 5 song RCA EP
Elvis Presley, King Creole, Vol. 1, 4 song RCA EP
Elvis Presley, King Creole, Vol 2, 4 song RCA EP
All sleeves are in great condition and vinyl in very good condition.

24. Paragon, Coalport and Shelley Cups and Saucers

Item Price: Paragon #A1544/1 – $165.00, Shelley Dainty Blue – $55.00, Coalport #AD 1750 – $50.00

Item Description: Paragon #A1544/1 – Beautiful Chrysanthemums PARAGON teacup set – in great shape, has one tiny glazing flaw under the edge of the saucer, not visible.

Shelley Dainty Blue – Great condition, no chips, colour great.

Coalport #AD 1750 – Fabulous Gold relief Horn of Plenty design cup and saucer, excellent condition.

25. Beatles Rare “Really Big Shew” Ed Sullivan 7” Vinyl Record

Item Price: $150

Item Description: Rare “Really Big Shew” taken from the Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. Contains All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand. CBS SP910, Sleeve and Vinyl in very good condition.

26. Marilyn Monroe Serigraph by Bert Stern -Avant-Garde No 2, NY 1968

Item Price: $175

Item Description: Marilyn Monroe Silkscreen Serigraph by Bert Stern -Avant-Garde No 2, NY 1968. This is a beautiful psychedelic picture of Marilyn with vibrant colours, excellent to near mint condition. 10″ x 11″ unframed, unsigned.
Bert Stern was the photographer who did the last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe before her death. His work was commissioned by Vogue Magazine in late 1962.

27. 2 Rare Elvis Presley EPs

Item Price: $50 each

Item Description: 2 Rare Elvis Presley EPs.
Elvis Sails – Elvis interviews and the Elvis 1959 Calendar on back of sleeve – RCA EP4325
Elvis Presley – Perfect For Parties, 6 hit song PROMO – RCA SPA7-37
Both covers and vinyl are in very good condition.

28. Candlewick Frosted Serving Plate, Bowls and Clear Pitcher

Item Price: Frosted Blue Serving Plate – $70.00, Frosted Yellow Bowls – $30.00 ea., Clear Pitcher – $35.00

Item Description: Viking Frosted Candlewick was hand-made between 1936-1984 by Imperial Glass Co. in pastel colours – Smooth top surface and Frosted bottom surface, with the Candlewick Pattern on the outside rim. Plate is 13” dia., Bowls are 6” dia x 2.5” h, Pitcher is 9”h x 8.5” w.

The Blue Frosted Plate, Yellow Frosted Bowls and clear Pitcher are in very good condition consistent with their age and use.


Item Price: $150

Item Description: 1950’s Vintage Art Deco Ashtray, Chrome and Marble Stand. It is in very good condition, no chips or cracks in the marble, light tarnishing on chrome base, wear under the Amber coloured ashtray. It measures 28” High x 12″ wide at the base. This cool vintage smoking stand would make a dramatic accent to any art deco, cigar room, retro, or mid century modern decor .

30. Lot of 8 Vintage WWII Canadian Regiment Hat Badges

Item Price: $80

Item Description: This Lot includes a nice selection of various Canadian Regiment hat badges. The Lot consists of; The Prince Edward Island Regiment, West Nova Scotia Regiment, Royal Canadian Engineers, The Westminster Regiment, Veterans Guard of Canada, Saskatchewan Regiment, Quebec Regiment and The Royal Regiment of Canada. 6 of the badges have pins and 2 do not, although they are very easy to obtain from any military dealer. A nice collection of Canadian Military history.