Post and Beam Reclamation Ltd.

Doug Killaly

Post + Beam moved out of Toronto and away from our bricks and mortar retail showroom in 2018.  However there have been hiccups along the road to digital.
The business is focused on salvaged building parts and garden ornament, but we cast a wider net for unique and arcane items.
We do not have an open showroom in Port Hope; however we welcome your inquiries as we transition to our new operation, and
if you’re in town please call ahead for the 50 Peso tour of our new warehouse.
E-mail or call us (voice or text message) to allow us time to clean up and boil water for tea.
Merchandise arrives regularly from interesting sources near and afar.
We welcome inquiries and look forward to acquainting if we aren’t known to you already.
Please contact us to request other images and/or details of item(s) you see. Peace to you, Doug.

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(416) 880-9367

330 Ward Street
Port Hope, ON L1A 4A6

1.  Brass Candleabra with Crystal Drops

Item Price: $85

Item Description: Does anyone remember the Hilarious House of Frightenstein?
Does anybody else remember just a single candelabra in every scene?
Could this one be the “other”?
Brass three candle fixture with square base and fluted corinthian column, foliate bobeches and six crystal drops on each.
23-14″ (59 cm) high, 14-1/2″ (37 cm) wide, 6″ (15.5 cm) square base

2.  RARE A Pair of 8 Inch Round Cast Iron Registers with Louvers

Item Price: $175 for pair

Item Description: Round registers are scarce and pairs of them are exponentially more so.
I’m posting this partly because somebody asked me recently if I had a pair of 8 inch rounds. I laughed at his question then less than a week later I found these in a decrepit box. I’m eating boiled crow now, the taste is familiar.
Also I just decided to show something I sell that has great utility but little curb appeal. While this is patently obvious, I still thought I should explain my position. Questions, anybody?
Diameter to edge 9-3/4″ (24.75 cm) Diameter of boot 8″ (20.3 cm)
Depth of boot 2-1/4″ (5.7 cm)

Sandblasting add $50

3.  Abercrombie & Fitch Two Sided Safari Flask in Zippered Suede Sleeve

Item Price: $375

Item Description: If it was good enough for Ernest Hemingway, you probably should own one of these too. While away on your safari isn’t it nice to know that your absinthe and hemlock are safely stored in this handsome two compartment silvered flask?
It’s not sterling silver but it’s clearly not ordinary plate either.
Perhaps check “Under Kilimanjaro” for some mention of it.
Comes with a zippered calfskin suede case.
Each side holds 26 ounces, approximately 769 ml
You’ll easily work up a thirst carrying it around.
Condition Good other than a shallow 2″ dent on one of the broad sides.
10-1/2″ (26.7 cm) tall, 7-1/4″ (18.4 cm) wide, 1-1/2″ (3.8 cm) thick

4.  Early 18th C. Copper Plate Architectural Prints, Matted

Item Price: $375 for four

Item Description: All four are from Vitruvius Britannicus Vol. III an important set of plans and elevations of public and private buildings in Britain, Colen Campbell engraver

Date of publication 1725

Blenheim Castle is the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill (played by John Lithgow in “The Crown”), his body is interred at St. Martin’s Parish Cemetery nearby and two of these architectural engravings feature the Blenheim Castle floorplan, the other two show plans of homes in Devonshire and Wantstead.

All on high quality acid free back and heavy 10 point off white mat board.

Mat board size 16″ (40.65 cm) tall, 20-1/2″ (52 cm) wide
Area inside print lines 9-3/4″ (24.75 cm) tall, 15″ (38.1 cm) wide

5.  Cast Iron American Bootscrape

Item Price: $145

Item Description: A heavy cast iron ornate American bootscrape would look good at your horse farm, just outside the door so horse-y people know to scrape off their boots before entering.
A classic, like your good self.

7-1/2″ (19 cm) high, 13-1/2″ (34 cm) long, 9-1/2″ (24 cm) wide

6.  Teak Door with Inset Mirror from the Head of a 60 foot Cabin Cruiser Launched 1923

Item Price: $175

Item Description: A cool conversation piece, this door could find its’ place in your bathroom or near your door to outside (to check for spinach in your teeth before you leave).

The Teak hulled cruiser was powered by twin diesel engines and raced owners of other fancy cruisers around the Queen Charlotte Islands almost a century ago.
Own a piece of history here, or possibly use it as a starting point to build your own Teak vessel. You’ll own a door for the head and that’s a really essential part.

Nice brass mechanism and knob with original patina, you could put hooks flanking the mirror to hang your keys or a shelf for your wallet below the mirror.
There’s no OFF position on the genius switch, ladies and gentlemen.
I’ve got a million of ’em.

72″ (183 cm) tall, 18″ (45.75 cm) wide, 1-1/2″ (3.8 cm) thick

7.  Cast Iron Foliate Urn

Item Price: $1250

Item Description: This grand cast iron black painted decorative garden urn was acquired from a collector in Uxbridge, ON.
This is a good 20th C casting in good condition.
32″ (81.3 cm) high, 36″ (91.5 cm) outside diameter at the top,
15″ (38 cm) diameter base

8.  19th C. Lipscombe and Co. Stoneware Water Dispenser

Item Price: $295

Item Description: Large Victorian Stoneware 19th C. Water Dispenser with brass spigot from Frederick Lipscombe & Co. London U.K.

24″ (61 cm) high, 13″ (33 cm) diameter at rim of lid, 9-3/4″ (24.75 cm) diameter base

Cork Surrounding threaded brass spigot needs replacing.

9.  Modernist Steel Andirons

Item Price: $175 for pair

Item Description: These heavy cast steel andirons have a Scandinavian appearance. They are made from a high quality alloy with tremendous heat resistance; they are still as good as the day they were cast.

8″ (20.3 cm) high, 18″ (45.7 cm) long, 4″ (10 cm) wide

10.  American Cast Iron Mooring Bollards

Item Price: $550 for pair

Item Description: Heavy (!) Cast Iron American Mooring Bollards ex. Bay City, Michigan.

If you don’t yet have a boat these may be all the inspiration you need.

Originally with a 3-1/2″ post probably either a flag pole or light post surmounted.
If you buy these and Item # 11 Pebble Glass Exterior Lamp Heads you’ll just need
the post and some power to make your home or cottage an illuminated landmark.
21″ (53.3 cm) high, 18″ (45.7 cm) arm end to arm end, 3-1/2″ (8.9 cm) diameter top opening for post

11.  Pebble Glass Exterior Lamp Heads

Item Price: $975 for pair

Item Description: These pebbled opaque glass outdoor lamp heads have an enamelled interior reflector, a copper shade cover and cast iron base.

Together with Item #10 Cast Iron Mooring Bollards you would have the tops and base of a pair of impressive outdoor lights.

Assembled from flared collar base to top of finial: 26″ (66 cm) high, 18″ (45.7 cm) outside diameter of glass shade

12.  Ornamental English Stamped Brass Trim Pieces

Item Price: $145 for all

Item Description: Each piece is stamped with a registry mark which is covered by the next overlapping piece to make a repeat pattern every 12 inches (30 cm).
In two patterns, the rectilinear Holly pattern has never been installed whereas the darker floral pattern has good patina.
Floral (darker) pattern: 12″ (30 cm) long, 6″ (15 cm) high
13 whole pieces = 13 feet plus 4 partials
Holly (bright) pattern: 12″ (30 cm) long, 2-5/8″ (6.7 cm) high
25 whole pieces = 25 feet plus 1 partial

13.  Two Unframed Leaded Glass Panels

Item Price: $350 each

Item Description: Clear glass transom light with four bevelled rounds and faceted jewel at center.
ex. Philadelphia, PA typically installed in a landscape format above an entryway.
1 crack, no omissions
14″ (35.5 cm) high, 35″ (89 cm) wide

Clear and coloured glass English leaded window depicting a chalice and with a green slag glass border. 2 cracks, no omissions
32-1/2″ (82.5 cm) high, 12-1/2″ (31.75 cm) wide

14.  Contemporary American Beveled and Jeweled Zinc Came Window

Item Price: $425

Item Description: Zinc camed decorative window in simple Spruce frame.

Overall (in frame) 32″ (81.25 cm) x 42″ (106.7 cm)
Without frame 28″ (71.1 cm) x 38″ (96.5 cm)

The window is comprised of 40 bevelled glass panes,  56 flat panes and a central round multi faceted jewel

Excellent quality with no cracks or omissions.

15.  Schoolhouse Slate Blackboard Panels from Essex ON 1893

Item Price: $125 and up

Item Description: All slate blackboards from a school in Essex County ON, 1893.
The slate has been polished on one side to be marked with chalk, the other side is
slightly rough. The thickness of the panels vary from 1/4″ (.65 cm) to 1/2″ (1.3 cm) Slate is a finely grained metamorphic rock, soft enough to cut with a stone or tile blade on a grinder, circular saw or jigsaw. It can be drilled easily with a metal drill bit

$125 for 45″ x 42″  $140 for 60″ x 42″  $150 for 66″ x 42″

$1250 for 15 pieces, for a total of 255 square feet