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Valerie Hammond

Allow me to introduce myself. We have been in business for 40 years. I am the author of All That Glitters, the only reference and values guide for Sherman Jewellery. We are active in our community and have conducted two years of interactive workshops ” All about Antiques ” through the Waterloo Library system as well as ongoing seasons on Rogers Daytime and CTV’s Provincewide. I am an online appraiser working with experts from Sotheby’s and Christie’s, as their Costume and Silver Jewellery Expert ( among other categories ).
I specialise in fine vintage costume and sterling silver jewellery and accessories, and vintage collectables. Val Knows Vintage is the jewellery department of Out of The Attic Antiques ( that side of the business looked after by my husband William ), We carry Victorian through Art Deco Decorative Arts etc. Val Know Vintage is all vintage, with designer costume jewellery from Dior, Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, etc. and an eclectic selection of unsigned beauties including hard to find clip-on earrings!
I also stock scarves, cufflinks, tie clips, luggage, decorative arts, home decor etc. We deal with the entertainment industry and recently worked with the amazing costume designers for the new movie from Oscar-winning director Guierrlmo Del Toro ( The Shape of Water ). The new movie, Nightmare Alley boasts a spectacular cast and will be released in December 2021 ( after covid delays which changed everything ). We were delighted to be selected to provide them with jewellery and accessories for the stars. Cate Blanchette, Rooney Mara ( The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ) Mary Steenburgen and Toni Colette. Bradley Cooper, Ron Perlman, Willem Dafoe and a stellar supporting cast will be adorned with accessories from Val Know Vintage. We ship Canada wide or porch pick up is available if preferred. We have a vast inventory so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for here, please let me know. It will be my pleasure to show you other items not listed. Also, have a look at my Instagram page #valknowsvintage for more fabulous jewellery. Enjoy the show, If you have any questions please just ask.

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Waterloo, Ontario

1.  Serpent necklace Gold tone metal . Flexible construction .

Item Price: $180

Item Description: Succumb to temptation with this fabulous Whiting and Davis Serpent lariat style necklace.
Unsigned, 31 inches long . He is adjustable goldtone metal with marvelous eyes and perfectly layered scales.

2.  Four fabulous Rhinestone and crystal necklaces

Item Price: $135 – 475

Item Description: Please note: These items are priced individually. Four different styles showcasing the beauty and versatility of Rhinestones and crystals.

Fuschia and Clear Rhinestones $ 135. stunning colour teardrop crystals. 22 inches

Deep Green Waterfall bib with pierced earrings. In a rich gold tone setting. $ 325 The depth of the colour can’t truly be seen in an image. It’s delicious! 24 inches

If there must be ice, let it always look like this! Icicles in a Rhodium setting $ 240. Brilliant cut stones in alternating rows. Truly stunning. This is 20″ of gorgeous!.

Unsigned Robert Goosens bib, Black and clear crystals in a cascade of stunning stones in a Rhodium setting. . $ 475 20 “

3.  Monet Brutalist parure

Item Price: $425

Item Description: Signed Monet Brutalist set. Complete sets are not easily found, so this was a wonderful find. Soft goldtone with sculpted and textured surfaces. It encompasses the elegance of Monet with the organic primitive look of Brutalist design. The very best of both worlds. $ 425. 16 1/2 ” necklace.

4.  Nina Ricci Necklace

Item Price: $225

Item Description: Finely crafted by Nina Ricci Paris. Soft gold tone loops beautifully balanced.
Simple and versatile. Perfect with a sweater and jeans, or for evenings.
1970s This still has the original price tag on it !

5.  Dolce & Gabbana double link chain collar

Item Price: $375

Item Description: All that glitters is not gold, but fine designer costume jewellery certainly looks like it is. !
Dolce & Gabbana does it so well. Fluid double links in this 20 ” collar. Again, such a versatile piece of jewellery from this Haute Couture design house.

6.  Dolce & Gabbana Square link necklace Goldtone .

Item Price: $250

Item Description: Square links are not common, but then D&G loves to raise the bar.
Simple, striking, and easy to wear, 24″ of elegance in fine soft gold links.

7.  Goldtone Necklace and Bracelet, set with brilliant stones

Item Price: $275

Item Description: Nina Ricci. This originally had a hangtag , which sadly was removed by the original owner, Well constructed design enhanced with a burst of sparkle with the addition of the lovely crystals.
This is a lovely set, 19″ necklace 9″ bracelet.

8.  Two Heidi Daus pendant necklaces. . 

Item Price: $280 Butterfly

Item Description: Heidi Daus design may be contemporary but they perfectly capture Art Nouveau designs
The Butterfly is vibrant and detailed, suspended on sage green beads. The perfect contrast for the crystals. $ 280,00 23 “. If you love butterflies, this one should be yours.
We also have a fabulous Heidi Daus Fan on amethyst crystals, in glorious colours., featured last show. If you are interested in a second look, please let me know.

9.  Oscar De La Renta Necklaces . Two fabulous designs. Please note : these are priced individually

Item Price: $395 – $625

Item Description: Oscar Runway necklaces.
The first is an unusual combination of Blue and moonstone coloured ” stones ” and a gold-tone draped chain bib. Striking and unique as only Oscar can be. , 23″ of fun.

The second is a WOW !! Huge gorgeous clear crystals in a stunning pendant drop. Also a wonderful design, and a runway piece from a 1970s Fashion Week. Certainly, one of the most spectacular clear crystal Oscar necklaces I have had in some time.

10.  Pauline Rader Etruscan Revival necklace with Faux Turquoise

Item Price: $295

Item Description: Beautiful Etruscan Revival necklace from designer Pauline Rader, c 1968 .
What an amazing design. The quality of Rader pieces is well known by collectors.
Her Etruscan pieces with textured goldtone and natural-looking, but all man-made stones replicate the artistry and quality of Etruscan form and style, which after centuries is as timely today as it was so long ago. This is an exceptional example of her design skills and demand for excellence.

11.  Alexander McQueen Curb Chain collar with Swarovski crystals 1990’s

Item Price: $695

Item Description: Only Alexander McQueen could take a heavy gold-plated curb chain and make it spectacular! This is a glorious design from this world-renowned design house and one of his first jewellery designs. This was also a runway piece and not released for mass retail sale. I do not use the word rare, since it is misused so often in the world of vintage and antiques, This is an uncommon piece. not available anywhere else as far as can be determined, so does that make it rare? It is as close to rare as hen’s teeth . !

12.  Pair of prism cut Swarovski crystal bib necklaces

Item Price: $175

Item Description: Originally purchased for a wedding party, and no longer needed, Thes necklaces are beyond beautiful, The cut crystals pick up and reflect so many colours. The construction is wonderful, with layer upon layer of beautiful stones. Think Prom, sitting in a drive-through wedding, shopping at Loblaws, laundry day, or soon…… doing the gardening. Why not, everyone deserves some sparkle! And these really do sparkle, The blue is much brighter and vibrant in person and couldn’t quite be captured by the camera lense, so if you would like a better look please let me know and I will be happy to send additional images, The pink is delicate shell pink, but there is nothing quiet about these, They shout I’m gorgeous!

13.  Chanel Pearl Enhancer and clip on drop earrings

Item Price: $650

Item Description: Exquisite Robert Goossens design for Chanel. This is unsigned but was purchased in 1954 at the Chanel store on the Rue Gambon in Paris . This was shortly after the end of World War 11 and is one of several Byzantine style designs created for Chanel by Robert Goossens who went to work with her in 1953 . This is a brooch and pearl enhancer, which clips onto a string of pearls .Pearls were her favourite accessory and her love for them was as eternal as pearls themselves , ” A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls ” And ” Diamonds may be a girls best friend but Pearls make you glow like moonlight ” Add this to any necklace, pearls or faux pearls and turn simple into spectacular. And Glow .

14.  Coro Flower brooch with Faux pearl and rhinestones

Item Price: $185

Item Description: Adolph Katz designed a brooch with all of the flair of the real thing.
It is a really lovely brooch, perfect in spring colors. Rhodium-plated setting with a gently curved stem and fluid form. 4″ of fabulous flower with a great presence .

15.  Sonia DeMaria Collar and Earrings

Item Price: $450

Item Description: Delicious, delightful, and downright decadent. This Japanned collar( metal treated with a black lacquer finish ) and earring set explodes with colours in radiant jewel tones.
Truly an incredible and strikingly beautiful design.
1970s era with a strong Art Deco influence. 18″ collar and the clip-on earrings ( also amazing when worn alone ) are 3″ long.
This, and a dab of perfume behind each ear, and a smile ……..

16.  Kenneth J Lane Brooch

Item Price: $325

Item Description: Vibrant KJL Moghul Brooch. One of the items from his iconic Jewels of India Collection. Jackie O had one of each of this line made for her. The designs were based on the original fine jewelry pieces purchased for her by Aristotle. She was reluctant to wear so many precious gems ( no really ), so had copies made. One KJL necklace in faux pearls and crystals sold for $ 200,000 at auction in 1996! That makes this a real steal!
This was made in 1970 and is gold plated. Set with Gripoix cabochons ( poured glass stones ) in sapphire blue, emerald amethyst, and ruby. Finished perfectly with faux pearl and Gripoix drops. This is actually described as rare by collectors of the Jewels of India Collection.
This is a statement piece to be sure and a must-have for any collector of KJL jewellery.

17.  Valentino Collar with clasp hinge

Item Price: $325

Item Description: Valentino collars are fabulous. This collar is set with rich dark caramel coloured Gripoix style cabochons in a variety of geometric shapes. Each stone is bezel set in a soft brushed gold frame. Hinged on both sides, one side a clamper ( to hold the piece securely even on soft fabrics like satin or silk,) Simple, striking and as always beautifully crafted. It looks marvellous on a crew neck sweater or over a turtle neck. The combination of the brushed satin finish metal provides the perfect counterpoint for the high gloss cabochons. c 1970

18.  Art Deco Brooch c 1930

Item Price: $180

Item Description: Understated elegance in this lovely Art Deco brooch. Brass setting with a trombone clasp
Set with alternating rows of lime green and clear princess-cut crystals.
The centre is flanked on both sides by a trio of large faceted clear stones.
A perfect example of Art Deco jewellery . Where form and function meet to create a wearable work of art.

19.  Sherman Brooch

Item Price: $160

Item Description: This is a beautiful Sherman brooch c 1960. As the author of ” All That Glitters,” the only reference and values guide written about Sherman Jewellery, over the past 40 years I have seen and bought and sold thousands of pieces of fabulous Sherman jewellery . Many companies used Aurora Borealis stones. None with this amount of colour.
This is the benchmark of the quality of Swarovski stones used by this jewellery icon.
Champagne Aurora Borealis stones in a three-dimensional design. One layer, ( the centre band ) is constructed over a full layer of base stones. This creates a high profile appearance for these opalescent crystals and increases the light refraction. It makes them look like tiny glittering lights in pastel shades of yellow, pink, green and blue. This was an innovative design, and it showcases the crystals perfectly.

20.  Napier Gold tone Collar with Faux pearls. c 1960 – 70 16″

Item Price: $375

Item Description: There is just something about pearls. Timeless, elegant, lustrous little orbs of light.
Well-made faux pearls can be just as beautiful as the real thing. And when they are so beautifully set in an elegant substantial gold-tone necklace, then the best thing to do is wear them!
This is a stellar Napier design. Many people believe costume jewellery to be ordinary. It is anything but ordinary. It was made to replicate fine jewellery design at affordable prices.
And even for those to whom money was of no concern, Napier was a preferred brand and worn by the Rich, the Royal, and the Renowned.
The always elegant Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, Wallace Simpson The Duchess of Windsor, and Marilyn Monroe all wore Napier jewellery. And they weren’t alone. Napier designs are robust and varied. Their collars and necklaces are bold and interesting and made to make an impact. Statment pieces.
Their designs were produced in Paris ( France not Ontario ! ) and were always cutting edge, with flair and impressive composition.
Perrenial favourites with vintage jewellery lovers. When you wear this, you will be in good company.

21.  Sea Life Necklace

Item Price: $95

Item Description: Now for something completely different. Costume jewellery can be elegant, or austere, or fun. This necklace is fun.
Figural design in white metal. Perfect for the summer, this has a starfish and seashell motif. 18″ with a variety of sea life. A bracelet was also made in the same design. This was purchased in Bergdorfs luxury department store on Fifth Avenue in 1995. Sadly the lady we bought this from told us she had given the bracelet to a granddaughter who thought it would be good to put the starfish and shells back into the ocean while she was visiting her one winter. I hope they were happy. Her grandma wasn’t.

22.  Labradorite pendant

Item Price: $225

Item Description: This is a substantial Labradorite pendant in a gold-tone frame, The chain is 30 ” long, the pendant itself is 4″ long by 2″wide. It is an asymmetrical shape, giving it a more unique profile. The stone has wonderful depths of colour, blues, greens etc.
It is unusual to find large pieces like this. We purchased it when we were in the Maritimes in 2000. We do not know when this stone was set in the frame, or who made it, but the stone itself is of course centuries old. Bezel set with four claws for extra security. This is one of those items which looks much nicer in person. It is a beautiful stone.
For those of you not familiar with this stone it is found in Labrador ( hence the name ) and is a feldspar stone. It is found in a wide array of colours, and the depth shows purples, blues, green iridescence when held to the light,( similar to the opal .) It is said to have healing properties and improves mood, energy, and emotional well being. Perhaps, but then I believe that every piece of jewellery can do that for the wearer.

23.  Sterling silver bib necklace with sapphire blue crystals and rock crystal

Item Price: $325

Item Description: A wonderful arrangement of triple rows of stones. The center is a row of lovely pear-shaped faceted stones, They are enhanced by an upper and lower band of rich sapphire blue faceted oval stones. This is a beautifully balanced design, and it feels wonderful when worn. 20 ” in length and 7″ wide.
The stones are all bezel set with well-defined facets and vibrant colour.

Sterling silver Bow Brooch

Item Price: $80

Item Description: Delicate little brooch with a powerful presence, This is set with brilliant-cut Marcasite and an array of, Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst, and aquamarine.
It is a lovely design, with pave stones. Simply lovely and well designed.

25.  A Pair of Sterling Silver Chinoiserie Brooches

Item Price: $225 for the pair

Item Description: This is a very well-made pair of Figrual brooches with solid bodies ( 23.3 grams of Sterling silver ) The features and garments are well defined and represent an Emperor and Empress of the late Qing Dynasty. The Dynasty ruled China between 1644 and 1912. These are dressed in mid-18th-century clothing. The brooches were made in the 1930s when exotic Asian art and consumer goods were very popular. These were made as a matched pair and will be sold together. I will not sell them separately.

26.  Opal in a Sterling silver Setting, with a Sterling silver Chain

Item Price: $180

Item Description: Vibrant Blue Opal in a bezel setting. The chain is 16″ long.
The stone has wonderful colour and deep fire tones. The stone is elliptical in shape and the setting is substantial in order to protect these often fragile stones.

27.  Sterling silver and Brass Bird pendant and chain

Item Price: $180

Item Description: This is a charming whimsical sterling pendant from Los Castillo, one of the highly revered names in fine vintage Taxco jewellery.
This pendant is heavy and weighs 32.2 grams ( without the chain. ) The chain is 18″ long and is included.
Figural pieces are always interesting, and this is no exception. It is a conversation piece and beautifully made.
Please note, we do not clean or polish our silver jewelry. We prefer our customers to have that option if they wish.

28.  Sterling Silver Navajo Bangle bracelet

Item Price: $225

Item Description: We have here a fine Mid 20th-century Navajo bangle. The design is intricate and beautifully hand chased. It weighs 40.5 grams so is a substantial piece of jewellery. Refined and elegant and of course in beautiful condition.

29.  Sterling Silver Egyptian Revival Cuff bracelet

Item Price: $185

Item Description: Wide Egyptian Revival cuff with Hieroglyphic design. With lovely curved edges, this sits comfortably on the wrist. 900-grade silver, this bracelet weighs 36.3 grams.
It was purchased at an antique store in London England by the previous owner in the 1960s.
Again, we do not polish our silver items. We love the patina and age to be present. It is such an integral part of the piece’s history.

30.  Coro Art Deco Brooch and screw back Chandelier Earrings. Rhodium plated setting

Item Price: $375

Item Description: Oh my oh my oh my !
Deco in its ultimate dazzling form. Gene Verri Design Mr, Verri was the head designer of Coro jewellery for many years. His vision produced vast numbers of Coros most astounding and opulent designs. This being just one of them.
If you are looking for just one special brooch to buy this year, just one that you won’t see anyone else wearing, one that mack you go Ahhhhhh! This is the one.
It is 3 ‘ wide, 4 ” deep and the earrings have a 3 ” drop.
It is Glorious!

31. Arnold Scaasi Sputnik Necklace

Item Price: $195

Item Description: Fun, funky and fabulous !!! Arnold Scassi, a little-known name in general, but wow what a history. Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Tyler Moore, Hillary Clinton, and Mamie Eisenhower are just some of the luminaries who loved and wore his designs and jewellery. As did most of our fabulous Canadian jewellery designers, he began in Montreal but completed his design-based education in Paris ( of course ). This 1960s piece shows irreverence for stuffy staid design forms and puts huge crystal studded pearl beads in the forefront of this delightful over-the-top statement piece. which I would wear everywhere, and when you buy it, you would too.

32.  Tahitian Mabe Blister pearl in Sterling silver Sunburst pendant .

Item Price: $275

Item Description: This is a truly stunning Mabe or Blister pearl. The colour radiates light, from silky grey to amethyst to blue and pink. Absolutely fabulous. The back is open so you can see how the pearl was formed on the shell. The pearl is 2″ across, the chain is 30′, also Sterling Silver.
This would look unbelievable on a grey sweater, or for evening wear. Picture it on Purple or Fuschia. It is spectacular!