Blemora Heritage Antiques

Sonja Morawetz and Steven Blevins

Leaving their city careers behind, Steven and Sonja made their new permanent home in Muskoka, Ontario in 1996. In 1997 they started up their new business as antique dealers, initially specializing in country formal Canadiana furniture along with decorative & folk arts. Around 2010, the focus of business shifted more towards fine art, and original folk art with a heavy emphasis on Native materials, in particular the Canadian Maritimes & Northeast American. They are members of CADA (Canadian Antique Dealers Association), with Steven also an active member of ATADA ( American Tribal Art Dealers Association ), CSDA ( Canadian Society of Decorative Arts ) and CPA ( Canadian Professional Appraisers ). Business is conducted through live shows, on_line virtual shows, and by appointment at our home in Muskoka.

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Item Price: $225

Item Description: Footed pewter bowl, 10″ diam.
Signed Tiel & Co. Holland
Supported by 3 griffins.
Collection of 18 eggs made from a variety of materials including crystal, wood, agate, Connemara marble, amber, one actual painted egg shell, & one glass beaded egg from trips around the world.

2. Quill Box

Item Price: $850

Item Description: Quill on birchbark, dia. 4 1/2″
Mi’Kmaq, Nova Scotia early 19th C.
Design is indicative of early work before turning to European influenced designs.
The four quadrants of the design represent the four realms of the indigenous world.
Some fading of natural dyes & some loss of quill & root due to age.
See: Whitehead, Ruth; “Micmac Quillwork”

3. Pottery Funnel


Item Price: $225

Item Description: Green glaze pottery with handle.
Brantford Pottery, late 19th C.
Excellent condition.
See: Webster, D.K., “The Brantford Pottery….”, 1968

4. Marriage Quilt

Item Price: $300

Item Description: Hand stitched intricate design on cotton. Presented at the time of a marriage.
English, probably 19th C.
Very good condition, with some staining.
84″ x 87″


Item Price: $450

Item Description: Bead & thread on heavy trade cloth.
Cheyenne or Sioux, Western Plains, mid to late 19th C.
Geometric design indicative of both Cheyenne & Sioux.
32 1/2″ x 2 3/4″


Item Price: $5000

Item Description: Exquisite, detailed scrimshaw on cow horn, also known as a ‘Birmingham Cup’
English, late 18th early 19th C.
Has what appears to be a water stain on one side. Some damage to the lip of the cup.


Item Price: $850

Item Description: Bead on wool serge patch work, frayed silk edging, pin signature, with excelsior stuffing.
Mi’Kmaq, Nova Scotia, 1885, most likely ordered by a visitor as a gift.
Large, heavy pin cushion with place & date spelled out with pins on the back.
The top exhibits a design reminiscent of a European glass paperweight. Glass confetti style beaded loops, adds to the border of the cushion. Many of the original pins on the back signature have either been replaced or are missing altogether. Remaining original pin holes spell Glasgow, leading us to believe that the piece was gifted to someone in Glasgow, Scotland.

8. Miniature Birch Bark Box

Item Price: $350

Item Description: Layered & pierced birch bark with coloured paper insert and bent wood handle.
Scandinavian, dated 1915 with an illegible signature.
H-4.75″, Dia-2.5″



Item Price: $150

Item Description: Glazed pottery
Brantford Pottery, late 19th C.
Missing a small bit of glaze on the underside of the spout.
See: Webster, D. K., ” Brantford Pottery “, 1968


Item Price: $725

Item Description: Red & white wool.
Unknown designer, 19th C., ex. Blake McKendry col.
6′ 8″ x 7′ 5″, (excluding the fringe)
Nice large size, excellent condition.
McKendry, Ruth, “Quilts & Other Bed Covers in the Canadian Tradition” included.


Item Price: $375

Item Description: Carved & bent birchbark, root biding & hide strap.
Montagnais, Quebec, early 20th C.
8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 6″
Superb condition.


Item Price: $4200

Item Description: Bead on hide.
What makes this bag exceptional is the spirit imagery captured in the bead work on one side. The second side shows family activity. This bag is unique with the decorated bag ties intact & the very personal inclusion of spirit images.
Plains Cree, 3rd quarter 19th C.


Item Price: $175

Item Description: Bent wood, moose hide, string & dyed wool tufts.
Montagnais, Quebec early 20th C.
Made for the tourist industry.


Item Price: $1500

Item Description: Sophisticated chip carved walnut, brass corners.
American, late 19th C.
Lock has a key & is working.
Excellent condition.


Item Price: $250

Item Description: Grass wrap over found glass flask.
Nootka made with very tightly woven natural & strong colours dyed grass. The flask cap, frequently missing, is included here.
H – 6 1/2″
British Columbia, 20th C.
See: Duncan, K. C. “1001 Curious Things” to understand trade of items on the Northwest Coast in the late 19th, early 20th C., plate 4.18 pg. 117. (see what’s on the mantle)