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Next virtual show:

March 12 – 14, 2021

The same first-rate dealers who set up at our live events will occupy booths in our new on-line venue.

At show opening, or later, if you wish, you can enter the show, check out the line-up of dealers and begin shopping. Examine the photos and read the descriptions. When ready, move on to the next booth.

You deal directly with your favourite dealers, just as you do at our live events. Here, though, you’ll talk by phone, message or email.

The show runs for either two or three days, non-stop, from the opening bell until official closing. Booths will not be available for preview until the official opening. But that won’t matter to you since you’ll be at the front of the line. And, just like at a live show, once the show closes, the pages listing stock for sale will disappear from the venue.

The experience will feel very much like a live show – the difference being that you cannot actually pick up and examine the goods. And that’s where our expert and professional dealers will help. They are scrupulous in carefully describing their goods, they have done the research, and will stand behind every sale. We have always set high standards, as do the dealers who you’ll meet at our shows. You will be able to buy with confidence.

If you manage to track us down at the show, stop by to say ‘hi’. We may even treat you to a virtual cup of coffee.

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