The Old Book & Paper Show

OBP April 2016#1

Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street
Toronto, ON M6G 4C7

The GTA’s ONLY old paper and antiquarian book show, now in its convenient mid-town Toronto location. The Old Book and Paper Show sets up in the bright, easy to access and historical facility at Wychwood Barns. Make sure to get out to the October 29, 2017 show. New dealers, lots of great stock, plus great dealers in vintage rare and antiquarian books. The Wychwood show is now Toronto’s ONLY old book and vintage paper show. You should plan to attend.

Hours: Sunday, October 29, 10am until 4pm
Admission: $10, no charge to children 12 and under

Ontario collectors and dealers in old paper and books get together for the biggest one-day ‘vintage paper-fest’ of the year.

VPNov2013c Collectors can find the following vintage books, paper and more:

Transportation including railway and ocean liner items; Historical documents including land grants, mortgages and deeds; 30’s/40’s fashion magazines; airline memorabilia; Old magic books; Old farm equipment booklets; Eatons memorabilia; Pulp fiction – crime, detective, Sci-Fi – including Weird Tales, The Shadow, The Phantom Detective, Vintage paperbacks; Movie posters, stills, lobby cards; Vintage photography on paper plus daguerreotypes, armbrotypes and tintypes; Sporting material – baseball, hockey, hunting, fishing dating to the 1920’s; Autographs; Advertising; Letterheads; Postal covers; Nearly 100,000 vintage postcards, all villages, towns and cities in Ontario plus sports, transportation, holidays from Christmas to Halloween; Theatre and movie programs; Poetry; Scientific journals; Comic books; Magazines. Old books on a huge range of topics including: books on travel, military, science, literature, biographies, the Arctic, cooking, etc, plus fiction, and more.


Highlights from the October 2016 Wychwood Show

Richard Shuh and Linda Wooley, Alphabet Bookshop, Port Colborne
“Along with our usual interesting selection of early Canadian Paper Ephemera & books we will be bringing a very interesting archive of approximately forty –WWI letters home [ sent home to Sunnidale Corners - east of Collingwood / Stayner, Ontario.] – all Active Service, literate & descriptive of all the knowns and unknowns, the uncertainties & anxieties for himself and his family of his part in the war.

From Private George Rogers of D Company – 23rd Battalion – 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 13th Platoon.

Including Military Documents; the Regret to inform you – MIA death notice to his family; 19 Field Service Post Cards; a few unmatched empty envelopes; 10 postcards & RPPC’s of his soldier friends. Included in the letters is one extraordinary uncensored letter from the Front Line at Ypres , May 8th, 1916, at the height of the slaughter & shortly before his own death – this letter was smuggled out by another soldier going on leave. “ I am in the front line at Ypres, [ the second battle ] only thirty-five and fifty yards apart, mostly all grenade fighting, artillery active all the time. This is certainly a death trap, several of our boys killed last night while digging, the other night the next fellow to me was shot down by a machine gun, we dragged him along under shelter …We are used to all this. All the country is shot to pieces. Hill 60 which is directly in front of us is one large hole…..our food has been very poor the last four days, so much shelling and rifle fire it has kept our transport back – George”. etc. – a Canadian. boy’s view of a sick & deadly war – nearly a million died at Ypres alone.

For the lot – $950.00″

WWI ArchiveWWI Archive 2WWI Archive 3

Marvin Post, Attic Books, London, ON
One of the busiest dealers in the business, Marvin pops up all over Ontario, and beyond, buying books and paper, giving expert appraisals, and selling from his vast inventory of ephemera and antiquarian books.
He’s bringing, among other wares, some late 19th C Art catalogs from exhibitions held by Department of Fine Arts in Toronto as well as some Toronto Art League catalogues.

Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books, Toronto
“We are the leading Canadian Print and map seller for the past 35 years with a large collection of antiquarian maps and prints of different locations in Canada and around the World.”

Wilfrid Laurier, the Minstrel, Singing to Miss Canada p_0_096c53a99bd331091ed6916a0cbd9c9c_1470502339
c.1891, Toronto Lithographing Company

Alexandre says of this piece: “A very scarce Canadian political poster from the late 19th century. The poster shows Liberal Party leader, Wilfrid Laurier, attempting to woo “Miss Canada” with his songs about commercial unions and tariff reform. She promptly tells him to go away. This advertisement was an attempt to thwart Laurier’s path to power.”

Grant St. John, West Lorne, ON

Grant has been a regular participant at the “Old Book and Paper Show“since 2005. He started collecting and selling paper nostalgia as a retirement project. Originally a collector of sporting ephemera, his interest has expanded to many other categories. “I think the Wychwood Show is the most prestigious and well attended paper show in Ontario. Therefore, only my best current stock will be on offer. In addition to sporting items, I will be bringing old advertising pieces plus the usual other items of interest”.

Gordon Beck, Infinity Books, Merrickville
Gordon makes the trek from eastern Ontario twice a year for the Old Book and Paper show. He has an extensive inventory of old and rare books, as well as some great vintage paper. He sent two photos of old posters he’ll have at Wychwood.

Stephen Evans, Stephen Evans Vintage Photography, Toronto
“I am pleased to be returning to the Book and Paper Fair this October. On this occasion I will be bringing along a large assortment of early vernacular photographs, frames, albums and photo ephemera from a photographer’s collection as well as fine 19th century photographs and photogravures by known and unknown makers from around the world.”
1. A young patriot. Charles Rosvear, Toronto, c 1900
2. The artist and her subject. Tinted gelatin silver print in circular frame, unknown maker, c 1900
3.Many Hats, unknown maker, silver gelatin photo novelty card, c. 1900

Scott Hall, Cottage Country Collectibles, Toronto
“In addition to bringing a variety16fallshow 012 of exceptional cottage country ephemera, postcards and photos, we are excited to feature the following unique items:

1920′s Original Peterborough Canoe catalog

Rare 1888 copy of G. Mercer Adam’s Muskoka Illustrated travel guide with engravings and steamboat map

Park & Co Cabinet Photo of Alexander Graham Bell

A newly acquired collection of Canadian WW2 posters

These are just a few of the items we are bringing out for this show, so please stop by and see all the other documents, photos and ephemera we have uncovered since the Spring show.
16fallshow 01616fallshow 014 

A note just received from Scott: “We are pleased to announce that we have just uncovered two family photo albums which contain early photographs of Canadian flying ace, Captain Arthur Roy Brown DSC (1893-1944). Roy Brown is the Canadian credited with shooting down Manfred von Richtofen aka the “Red Baron” and while some controversy exists as to whom actually shot him down, Captain Roy Brown is still listed as the official shooter. These two photo albums come from a close relative of Brown and contain images of him at the family cottage, visiting family while on leave, and some at war overseas.”

John Parr, Murdos Books, Etobicoke
Our focus for this show will be vintage turn of the Century Sports books, Boy Scout books, Hardy Boys, Tarzan, Tom Swift, Agatha Christie as well as Vintage Movie Magazines, Pinup Calendars++


Mike Serafin, The Book Not Mad, Midland
“The Book Not Mad will be bringing plenty of material to the Fall Book and Paper Show. Featured is a box load of issues of American Bee Journal – over 250 issues in total, covering 1892, 1902, 1906, 1908-11, 1915-18, 1920 and with only 3 issues missing from the lot. Other highlights include a slew of Great Lakes related reports and ephemera, and a large number of WWI & II pamphlets and booklets – along with a selection of books relating to those areas of interest. As always there will be plenty of Canadiana, including a selection of Bartlett’s engravings. Our ephemera boxes will have a broad range of items on a broad range of topics, some reasonably well organized, others labeled ‘Random and Awesome’. Come and explore, we hope to see you there.”


Ron Good, Port Hope
My stuff can be described as “Vintage ‘Life’ size magazine advertising from ‘Aircraft Civil’ to ‘Wurlitzer’ via Canadiana , golf, movies, ocean liners and radios. I have some great stock certificates that I will be bringing.”

“I find much vintage print advertising to be the product of super talented illustrators. Colourful and decorative. Great for framing. But if you’re looking for something offbeat, you can find the solution for the dreadful “Toilet Tissue Disease”. This ailment was, of course, the figment of some ad man’s overwrought imagination. And don’t forget that “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Brand”.

Robert Rankin and Shirley Collins, Hamilton
Shirley and Bob are pleased to offer something for everyone by providing antiquarian books from the 19th century and vintage books on a variety of subjects as well as more modern signed books.

“We have hand coloured 19th century lithographs and books of lithographs, antique magazines, children’s books, postcards, travel brochures, as well as local interest items for different parts of Ontario and Quebec. Also available will be French magazines from the 1920s and 30s including several pertaining to the Tour de France and hand-coloured maps circa 1750.”


  • Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen Ecco New York, 2006, stated 1st edition, signed by the author on the title page, fine in a fine, unclipped dust jacket.
  • A Son at the Front by Edith Wharton, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1923, a scarce 1st edition in a fine, unclipped dust jacket.
  • The Collected Tales of Pierre Louys, by Pierre Louys, Argus, 1930, 1st edition, illustrated by John Austen, fine in a very good dust jacket, the whole contained in a very good slip case.
  • The Negro Handbook, by Florence Murray, Wendell Malliet and Company, 1942, 1st edition and first year of publication, no dust jacket, slight corner bumping else fine. Lists achievements or otherwise by African-Americans.


  • A beautiful and scarce album containing 1812 document page 1 a selection of 95 Japanese postcards, 1906-1911, some actual hand painted watercolours.
  • French Army 25th Parachute Division, photographs and insignia paraphernalia.
  • Vintage photograph of young girl dancing.
  • Victoria College Bulletin 1908-1909.
  • French magazine Fantasio 1924.
  • A hand-written, three-page bill of lading for lumber being shipped from Savannah, Georgia, on the ship Mohawk out of New York, to the British naval base at Chatham, England, dated at Rochester, New York, on June 6, 1812, twelve days before the start of the War of 1812.

Selection of Japanese postcards circa 1910Little angelA Son at the Front by Edith Wharton

Duncan McLaren, Lord Durham Rare Books, St. Catharines
LDRB with a specialty in higher-end Canadiana, continues its mission, Helping Collectors Collect with uncommon, rare and unique items as well as to offer professional appraisals and is a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

“At Wychwood on October 23, I’m 4314_01_LR bringing a beautiful set of 23 volumes of books called ‘Canada and It’s Provinces’. Seeing this in person really shows the quality and the content of course. I am pricing this set for this show at a very reasonable $300 plus 5% tax. You can see more info on this set at”

Wilfrid M. de Freitas, Bookseller, Montreal
Wilfrid and partner Susan Ravdin are veterans on the Canadian antiquarian book scene. Knowledgeable and professional, they have an excellent range of books and vintage ephemera.

Wilfrid and Susan sent some details on three items they have for Wychwood:

1) A Pair of 18th century Celestial Charts Venice, 1777 planispheres
Hand-coloured celestial maps of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
by Italian cartographer Antonio Zatta, engraved by G. Zuliani, and published in his atlas Atlante Novissimo. With vignettes of major contemporary observatories in the corners and allegorical depictions of the constellations. $750

2) Yonkyoku Byoubu Four-panelled Japanese painted screen (byoubu or byōbu).
Hand-painted on rice paper, with gold-leaf background, brocade border and fabric backing. Created on commission for Gump’s of San Francisco
Minor damage to lacquered frame. $450

3) The final Montreal Winter Carnival, 1889
Montreal Daily Star Carnival Number [February 1889]
Well illustrated; with five large plates, all double or folding, including two chromolithographs. $300
byoubuice castle

Steven Temple, Steven Temple Books, Welland
Having operated bookshops in downtown Toronto since 1974, we closed the shop and escaped the city in March, 2014. I am not sorry. It’s quite nice down here in my new old home in Welland, Ontario (pop. 50K). Welland is only two turns from Toronto. We had maybe 40k books in Toronto, now have maybe 7K. We can see visitors by appointment and remain quite active online. We still buy, and occasionally sell. We have two big dogs who like people. Canadiana and especially literary Canadiana, and literary books in general, are particular foci. We are still primarily booksellers but we are slowly acquiring more paper and ephemera. Our booth at the show will have only a sprinkling of our book stock, and much of our paper.

THOUSANDS of POSTCARDS Post cards are a perennial favourite of collectors. Several prominent post card dealers open dozens of boxes of vintage cards at Wychwood.
Ron and Sheila Workman
St. Catharines

“We have a strong stock of old postcards. In particular, we have what is one of the largest stocks, if not the largest, of Ontario cards in this country. In fact 80% of our two tables at the show will be Ontario cards.”

Brenda and J Frank Hoyles are back, also with an extensive inventory of postcards.

Marvin Post, Attic Books, London always has several boxes of cards.

Patrick and Slade Kitchener, Kitchener Kollectables, Hamilton
PULPS PULPS & PULPS!!SHOW3We have just recently acquired a huge collection of Vintage Pulp paperbacks from the 1940s-1960s. Litterally thousands of Science Fiction, Murder Mystery, Romance and MORE! Majority are first paperback editions and many great art covers! We also have the Pulp digest books with some great covers from the 1930-40s along with our regular real photo postcards, comic books and early photographs from various estates! If you are a collector of Pulps then this is definitely the show to go to this year, see you there!!


John Alexander, Alexander Arts, Toronto
“A nice selection of early Travel Guides 20th century travels guides and souvenir booklets from Ireland and England. Prices start at $10.00 each”.

Clive Rayner, The Whatnottery, Thornhill
Basically I will be bringing lots of pamphlets from the Galt, Hespeler, Kitchener area, also Knox Presbyterian local churches 30’s & 40’s. Catalogue of Galt Business College circa 1920, Life and other Mags. Post Cards Photos and other ephemera. Many books, some rare EG 2 volumes of Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto A History 1832 to 1923, with council list, sketches and photos. Reminiscences of the North West Rebellions by Major Bolton 1886. The Fox in Captivity, Ont Govt Bulletin 1933 and many other esoterica , commercial and otherwise. Prince Charles & Di children’s popup and paper doll books. I have been out of the market for some years and am eagerly looking forward to attending this book show. Whatnottery Antiques and Collectables was formed by my wife and I in 1988. We did many shows over the years with Gadsden Promotions, until health problems forced our withdrawal from the show circuit .

Steven Panet, Fastball Collectibles, Scarborough
I have been enjoying this fun hobby now since 1975, buying and selling rare sports and movie collectibles with my dad.

Robert Armour, Toronto
First time at the show, Robert has a wide range of ephemera and old books, much of which will be on his table on October 23.

Mark Tooth, Arca Enterprises, Toronto
For the upcoming Old Book and WW2 PolandMirrored Paper Show, we will be bringing a number of photo albums. One of the highlights is an album of photographs taken during the German invasion of Poland. All in black and white, there are 120 photos depicting vehicles, soldiers and camp scenes from the opening campaign of World War Two. [Photo of sample page included]

Plus all the regulars…Brian Wheeler, Lee Anning, Neil MacDonald and more!


Wychwood Barns – a superb venue:

Wychwood Barns is one of Toronto’s newest event venues. In 1913 the Toronto Transit Commission built the structure in order to be able to service its fleet of streetcars. It functioned for many decades before becoming redundant. A major renovation was undertaken over the last few years, transforming the barns into a magnificent community resource. Reopened in 2008, it is now home to art galleries, artist studios, a regular farmers’ market, and more.

The centrepiece of the complex is the ‘Covered Street’, a 200 foot long room, formerly used to overhaul streetcars, but now a spacious event facility. Industrial-chic is the design theme, exposed red brick walls, a wonderful end-to-end glass skylight forming a roof, vintage TTC photographs on the walls. In short, a perfect venue for our Old Book and Paper Show.

Getting There

Wychwood Barns is at 601 Christie Street, west of Bathurst, south of St. Clair. It occupies a block between Christie Street on the west and Wychwood Avenue on the east.

Parking is extremely limited at Wychwood Barns, in compliance with the building’s environmental LEED certification. As such, visitors should consider taking public transit to the site.

St. Clair streetcar #512 runs along St. Clair and connects with St. Clair West Subway station.

Christie bus #126 runs from the Bloor Subway station north on Christie and stops at the door.

Bathurst bus #7 is two blocks east of the barns and runs from Bloor Subway line north on Bathurst.

Get detailed public transit information at

Green P parking lots. There are several Green P parking lots in the area.


Find Green P parking lot locations close
to 601 Christie St at


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