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Artscape Wychwood Barns

601 Christie Street
Toronto, ON M6G 4C7

The GTA’s ONLY old paper and antiquarian book show, now in its convenient mid-town Toronto location. The Old Book and Paper Show sets up in the bright, easy to access and historical facility at Wychwood Barns. Make sure to get out to the October 23, 2016 show. New dealers, lots of great stock, plus great dealers in vintage rare and antiquarian books. The Wychwood show is now Toronto’s ONLY old book and vintage paper show. You should plan to attend.

Hours: Sunday, October 23, 10am until 4pm
Admission: $10, no charge to children 12 and under

Ontario collectors and dealers in old paper and books get together for the biggest one-day ‘vintage paper-fest’ of the year.

VPNov2013c Collectors can find the following vintage books, paper and more:

Transportation including railway and ocean liner items; Historical documents including land grants, mortgages and deeds; 30’s/40’s fashion magazines; airline memorabilia; Old magic books; Old farm equipment booklets; Eatons memorabilia; Pulp fiction – crime, detective, Sci-Fi – including Weird Tales, The Shadow, The Phantom Detective, Vintage paperbacks; Movie posters, stills, lobby cards; Vintage photography on paper plus daguerreotypes, armbrotypes and tintypes; Sporting material – baseball, hockey, hunting, fishing dating to the 1920’s; Autographs; Advertising; Letterheads; Postal covers; Nearly 100,000 vintage postcards, all villages, towns and cities in Ontario plus sports, transportation, holidays from Christmas to Halloween; Theatre and movie programs; Poetry; Scientific journals; Comic books; Magazines. Old books on a huge range of topics including: books on travel, military, science, literature, biographies, the Arctic, cooking, etc, plus fiction, and more.

Highlights from the November 2015 Wychwood Show

Plantation Antiques, Tom Keeling, Toronto TomK

Smart collectors know to check out Tom Keeling whenever he shows up at Wychwood. Tom has been collecting (some would say hoarding) collectible paper for more than 40 years. He has stated that he has no idea now of what long-ago-finds he has stored in his large shop. He does know that there are hundreds of boxes filled with antiquarian books, posters, and ephemera. The photo shows Tom, centre, organizing a box of old paper at the spring Wychwood show.

Grant St. John, West Lorne, ON

Grant has been a regular participant at the “Old Book and Paper Show“since 2005, participating in 18 of the past 19 shows. He started collecting and selling paper nostalgia as a retirement project. Originally a collector of sporting ephemera, his interest has expanded to many other categories.

Some of Grant’s thoughts on the old paper business are as follows:
“Selling an item at a show is not the real “Buzz”. Selling an item just completes the cycle. The real ”Buzz” is finding the item”.

“Sometimes when you find an item there is a great temptation to keep it, because you know that if it is sold you may never see another copy. I try to overcome this temptation”.

“At the end of the day ‘you just gotta love it’. That’s the bottom line”.

Grant’s thoughts on the “Old Book and Paper Show” at Wychwood Barns:
“I think the Wychwood Show is the most prestigious and well attended paper show in Ontario. Therefore, only my best current stock will be on offer. In addition to sporting items, I will be bringing old advertising pieces, a selection of items involving “Famous Faces” plus the usual other items of interest”.

For the November 1 show:

Original TORONTO BLUE JAYS Insert:Toronto Star (April 6, 1977)- 24 page insert published the day before the very first Blue Jays game.( Played at Exhibition Stadium on April 7, 1977.)

A selection of vintage C.C.M. Hockey Photos:

-Toronto Maple Leafs 1933-1934 (photo included)- Players include Horner,Jackson,Primeau,Cotton,Clancy,Day,Bailey and Conacher.

-All-Star Team selected for the Ace Bailey Benefit Game 1934 (photo included)- Players include Dutton,Shore,Lionel Conacher,Bill Cook,Morenz and Joliat. This benefit game was the first NHL All-Star Game.The game was played vs the Toronto Maple Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens on Feb.14, 1934.

-These vintage C.C.M. Photos are offered ” as found” with the usual pin holes etc. Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings are also available.

Brian Wheeler, Brian Wheeler Collectibles
I will be bringing along threshing machine brochures and related material from such manufacturers as George White and Waterloo .I’ll also be bringing along various land grants and indentures from locations in Ontario all dated in the mid 1800’s. All are in good condition and ideal for framing.

John Parr, Murdos Books, Etobicoke
Our focus for this show will be vintage turn of the Century Sports books, Boy Scout books, Hardy Boys, Tarzan, Tom Swift, Agatha Christie as well as Vintage Movie Magazines, Pinup Calendars++

Ron Good, Port Hope
My stuff can be described as “Vintage ‘Life’ size magazine advertising
from ‘Aircraft Civil’ to ‘Wurlitzer’ via Canadiana , golf, movies, ocean
liners and radios. I have some great stock certificates that I will be

Robert Rankin and Shirley Collins, Hamilton
“My wife Shirley Collins and I are avid collectors with a joint interest in antiques and separate interests in ephemera and books respectively. We are quite excited to be part of the upcoming Old Book and Paper Show in November and have several items to bring including:

Books (antiquarian; children’s; military (US Civil War; WW2, France and Germany War 1870 (in French); WW1 photo album of Allied and Canadian Officers in Germany; a selection of signed books, Canadiana (books and paper), photographs, postcards, collectible documents in French, English and German from the late 1700s and 1800s.

Below are some photographs which illustrate our interests.”
Baseball playerKipling's Indian Tales  1899Barber and customerArlington Hotel, TorontoThe Works of Ben JonsonRedhead Rovin' WW2 USAF

Duncan McLaren, Lord Durham Rare Books, St. Catharines
LDRB with a specialty in higher-end Canadiana, continues its mission, Helping Collectors Collect with uncommon, rare and unique items as well as to offer professional appraisals and is a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

At Wychwood on November 1, I’m bringing a significant piece of historical Canadiana in the form of the 1970 wanted poster for Paul Rose and other FLQ members.

Surete du Quebec (Quebec Provincial Police) FLQ large bilingual wanted poster, overall 40.5 x 50.5 cm. (16 x 20 inches), 4 half-tone illustrations (portraits), one colour black, one side only, fine condition.

Quite scarce wanted police poster marking one of the most pivotal and tragic “coming of age” events in Canadian political life in the 20th century.

Provenance: Widow of the police officer who arrested Paul Rose.

The FLQ wanted posters are an integral part and a scarce historical document associated with one of the most important events in Quebec and Canadian history…

Paul Rose was the leader of the Chenier cell of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), an armed group. On October 10, 1970, the cell kidnapped Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte.Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau declared that any decision regarding the demands of the terrorists would be taken jointly by the federal government and the government of Quebec.

Remarking on the unfolding situation, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau stated: “I think the society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power in this country and I think that this goes to any distance”.. Challenged to state just how far he would go, Trudeau stated defiantly: “Well, just watch me”.



Wilfrid M. de Freitas, Bookseller, Montreal
Wilfrid and partner Susan Ravdin are veterans on the Canadian antiquarian book scene. Knowledgeable and professional, they have an excellent range of books and vintage ephemera.

Wilfrid and Susan sent some details on two items they have for Wychwood:IMG_1878

1) 1913 Mothers’ Calendar with week by week pithy quotes by famous people about mothers (what else?)

2) ca.1957 Walpamur Company (Royal warrant holders for paint) Colourstyle book, with four-page cutouts allowing users to view complimentary colour schemes and a barrier card to allow one to focus on the selection. (very cool!)

3) 1971 Mallorca Bullfighting poster measuring 21” x 42”



Steven Temple, Steven Temple Books, Welland
Having operated bookshops in downtown Toronto since 1974, we closed the shop and escaped the city in March, 2014. I am not sorry. It’s quite nice down here in my new old home in Welland, Ontario (pop. 50K). Welland is only two turns from Toronto. We had maybe 40k books in Toronto, now have maybe 7K. We can see visitors by appointment and remain quite active online. We still buy, and occasionally sell. We have two big dogs who like people. Canadiana and especially literary Canadiana, and literary books in general, are particular foci. We are still primarily booksellers but we are slowly acquiring more paper and ephemera. Our booth at the show will have only a sprinkling of our book stock, and much of our paper. Here are a few things we will bring to town in November. Regards, Steven and Jennifer Temple

Autograph Letter Signed, Quebec City, 11 June, 1784. From R. Watters, secretary to Governor Haldimand, concerning the Rue des Carrières and a new street in the old city, plus compensation for Mme. la Fleur. $395.00

Photograph album of the Scammell family of Eatonville, Nova Scotia, noted Bay of Fundy ship builders, brokers, and cargo forwarders. About 1865-80. Around 160 carte de visite family photos, many identified at the photo, made in St. John, NB, Montreal, Bangor, Maine, and Boston. 12 Notmans, either Montreal or St. John. About 200 photos in all, others being about a dozen Civil War images of Lincoln, Booth, Grant, Sherman, etc, plus popular actresses and midgets. Including 4 rare c.d.v. photos of sailing ships under construction in dry docks, and one pre-1877 fire view of St. John harbour from a ship. $2500.00
ST3ST albumST detail

THOUSANDS of POSTCARDS Post cards are a perennial favourite of collectors. Several prominent post card dealers open dozens of boxes of vintage cards at Wychwood.
Ron and Sheila Workman
St. Catharines

“Although this is our first time selling at your show, I would like people to know we have been in the stamp and postcard business for over 30 years. We have a strong stock of old postcards. In particular, we have what is one of the largest stocks, if not the largest, of Ontario cards in this country. In fact 80% of our two tables at your show will be Ontario cards.”

Brenda and J Frank Hoyles are back, also with an extensive inventory of postcards.

Marvin Post, Attic Books, London always has several boxes of cards.

Mike Serafin, The Book Not Mad, Midland, ON
“The Book Not Mad has a little bit of everything – actually a lot of everything, but there is only so much we can transport in the car. We deal in books and ephemera of all kinds, and will be bringing an eclectic selection to the Fall show. We will be bringing books on Arctic and Antarctic exploration from the ‘Bi-Polar’ section of our shop. Also included will several architectural pieces from our ‘Costanza’s Choice’ shelf, and a variety of other interesting tomes. Our ephemera boxes will have a broad range of items on a broad range of topics, some reasonably well organized, others labeled ‘Random and Awesome’. Come and explore, we hope to see you there.”

Patrick and Slade Kitchener, Kitchener Kollectables, Hamilton
PULPS PULPS & PULPS!!SHOW3We have just recently acquired a huge collection of Vintage Pulp paperbacks from the 1940s-1960s. Litterally thousands of Science Fiction, Murder Mystery, Romance and MORE! Majority are first paperback editions and many great art covers! We also have the Pulp digest books with some great covers from the 1930-40s along with our regular real photo postcards, comic books and early photographs from various estates! If you are a collector of Pulps then this is definitely the show to go to this year, see you there!!


John Alexander, Alexander Arts, Toronto
“We have lots of new material on planes, cars and motorcycles.
The paper airplane sheets are early 20th century, hand tinted
The car sheets are heavier weight die cut ready to assemble sheets
Other interests – aeroplanes and motorcycles – we have a collection of postcards and photographs of these.
Paper Airplane SheetsMotorcyclesCarsAeroplanes

Clive Rayner, The Whatnottery, Thornhill
Basically I will be bringing lots of pamphlets from the Galt, Hespeler, Kitchener area, also Knox Presbyterian local churches 30’s & 40’s. Catalogue of Galt Business College circa 1920, Life and other Mags. Post Cards Photos and other ephemera. Many books, some rare EG 2 volumes of Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto A History 1832 to 1923, with council list, sketches and photos. Reminiscences of the North West Rebellions by Major Bolton 1886. The Fox in Captivity, Ont Govt Bulletin 1933 and many other esoterica , commercial and otherwise. Prince Charles & Di children’s popup and paper doll books. I have been out of the market for some years and am eagerly looking forward to attending this book show. Whatnottery Antiques and Collectables was formed by my wife and I in 1988. We did many shows over the years with Gadsden Promotions, until health problems forced our withdrawal from the show circuit .

Mark Tooth, Arca Enterprises, TorontoLstHr20150923_111919
I have a number of interesting items for the upcoming show. A few highlights.

A collection of eight documents to and from Lt. Col. C.A. O’Malley of the 25th Elgin Infantry at Wardsville, Ontario. The unit was raised in 1866 to deal with the Fenian Raids. O’Malley is well known to those interested in postal history.

The second item is a little dull on the outside but is a two volume set plus a guest book, all enclosed in a special case. It is an unique item that was created in 1990 for the International Literacy Year Project. It is called The Book Voyage. The set contains numerous manuscript essays and letters laid into the book as people talk about what literacy means to them. Twelve volumes were created – one for each province and territory. This volume is for Ontario.

The third item is very interesting. It is a photograph album put together between the Great Wars. Label on the album is A.R. Fleming, Base Depot, Royal Air Force, Aboukir, Egypt. Contains 94 photographs which do include a few duplicates. [see attached illustration]

The final item is a card game called The Game of the Lost Heir. It was apparently based upon a novel by E. Southworth. Versions were made for different countries. This is the Canadian version and appears to have been manufactured in the 1920s. It is a bidding and tricking game with four suites. Each suite is labelled for a Canadian city – Halifax, Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto. Sadly do not have the original box but all cards and the game rule sheet are included. [see attached ill.]

Arca Books specializes in literature pertaining to Ancient & Medieval History, Archaeology, Classical Studies, Jewellery, and Numismatics. Also carries an interesting assortment of photographs, post cards, and ephemera. In addition to the Old Paper Show, internet and mail order, we also do business Sundays at the St. Lawrence Market as well as sitting militaria shows and archaeological symposiums. Visit our web page at for more details.

Steven Panet, Fastball Collectibles, Scarborough
I’m bringing some rare 1950′s and 60′s paper collectibles for the show.

Elvis original cards full 36 sealed packs box 1978.boxes web 039
Star Wars original cards full sealed 36 packs box 1977
Toronto Maple Leafs Turofsky original NHL Hockey rare photos 1940 ‘s
and lots more rare vintage paper collectibles on sale at your show. I will also be bringing some great 1950s and 60s comics books.

I have been enjoying this fun hobby now since 1975, buying and selling rare sports and movie collectibles with my dad.
DSCN5462boxesweb 024

Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books, Torontoalexandre2
“We are the leading Canadian Print and map seller for the past 35 years with a large collection of antiquarian maps and prints of different locations in Canada and around the World.”

Print: Battle of Queenston Heights
Poster: Port Carling Sea Birds

Lee Anning, Lahara, Creemore
Lee always brings 3 tables worth of ephemera, across a broad range of vintage paper. Old board games are popular with people who frame and hang them. Lee will have a number of these, including Star Wars.


Scott Hall, Cottage Country Collectibles
“In addition to bringing a variety of exceptional cottage country ephemera, postcards and photos, we are excited to feature the following unique items :

An 1890′s presentation piece given to one of Tillsonburg, Ontario’s first fire chiefs

Four signed books from the personal library of celebrated Gooderham & Worts distillery architect, David Roberts.

Three rare photos of Canada’s 1908 Olympic Shooting team at Bisley, UK

Finally, we are pleased to offer a rare, beautifully photographed 1902 Muskoka photo album which centers on future Canadian politician and labour lawyer, Arthur Wentworth Roebuck, MP for Trinity Bellwoods. Arthur Wentworth Roebuck is remembered as a progressive politician who defended trade unions in the 1930′s, the rights of Jews to immigrate to Canada and worked in the civil liberties movement where he advocated in the 1950′s for a Canadian Bill of Rights. A truly wonderful piece of Canadiana not to be missed!”

Plus all the regulars…Richard Shuh and Linda Wooley, Arwen Greenwood, Neil MacDonald and more!


Wychwood Barns – a superb venue:

Wychwood Barns is one of Toronto’s newest event venues. In 1913 the Toronto Transit Commission built the structure in order to be able to service its fleet of streetcars. It functioned for many decades before becoming redundant. A major renovation was undertaken over the last few years, transforming the barns into a magnificent community resource. Reopened in 2008, it is now home to art galleries, artist studios, a regular farmers’ market, and more.

The centrepiece of the complex is the ‘Covered Street’, a 200 foot long room, formerly used to overhaul streetcars, but now a spacious event facility. Industrial-chic is the design theme, exposed red brick walls, a wonderful end-to-end glass skylight forming a roof, vintage TTC photographs on the walls. In short, a perfect venue for our Old Book and Paper Show.

Getting There

Wychwood Barns is at 601 Christie Street, west of Bathurst, south of St. Clair. It occupies a block between Christie Street on the west and Wychwood Avenue on the east.

Parking is extremely limited at Wychwood Barns, in compliance with the building’s environmental LEED certification. As such, visitors should consider taking public transit to the site.

St. Clair streetcar #512 runs along St. Clair and connects with St. Clair West Subway station.

Christie bus #126 runs from the Bloor Subway station north on Christie and stops at the door.

Bathurst bus #7 is two blocks east of the barns and runs from Bloor Subway line north on Bathurst.

Get detailed public transit information at

Green P parking lots. There are several Green P parking lots in the area.


Find Green P parking lot locations close
to 601 Christie St at


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